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How To Re-Enter A Kayak In Deep Water

How To Re-Enter A Kayak In Deep Water

How To Re-Enter A Kayak In Deep Water

First of all wear a life jacket/PFD when kayaking, this is what we always recommend and in most states it is also legal to wear a life jacket.

So in deep water, how do you get back on the kayak when your feet can't reach the ground?

If your kayak capsizes, one of the most important things to remember is to stay calm. It’s easy to panic, but doing so will make these next tasks even more difficult for you.

The first step is to grab something as strong as you can, such as a paddle, then cross the back of the kayak, grab the opposite edge with both hands, and turn your kayak over.

Second, back to the kayak, to ride a kayak in deep water, start by grabbing the handles on either side of the kayak seat. Then kick your legs to the surface and propel yourself across the kayak. You want your belly button to be in the seat while facing the water. Once you're safe, support your arms and rotate your body so your butt is back in the seat. If you are in a seated kayak, you can also put your feet back on the kayak and start paddling again.

If you're having trouble getting back into the kayak, be sure to use common items like sandwich coolers to help make it easier for you to get back into the kayak.

In addition to the necessary jackets and PFD gear, getting back into kayaking skills requires carrying a waterproof walkie talkie for kayaking that will alert other members of the crew for assistance if necessary.

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