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How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

How to set encryption on Ailunce HD1?

When communicating over a two-way radio, it is important to understand that anyone can listen to the messages communicated over the channels if they are on the same channel. This is may not be acceptable when the device is used by security agencies and other private users who wish to keep their conversations private and inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

If you want to communicate with your friends on the same channel, but don't want others to hear your conversations, then you can use Ailunce HD1 to set up channel encryption so that the conversations between you and your friends will not leak out, guaranteeing its privacy and security.

1. Set DMR channel and ensure that communication is OK

For an example, I want radio-A and radio-B to commmunicate with encryption on the below channel.

TX: 439.40000MHZ

RX: 439.40000MHZ

Colour code: 1

Time slot: 1

Group cotact: TG91

2. Set the encryption as below


3. Select encryption mode on the channel

For more details, please refer to: 

 Ailunce HD1,  encryption setting,  ham radio

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