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How to Walk Uphill on Skis

How to Walk Uphill on Skis

How to Walk Uphill on Skis

To navigate a ski area, you’ll need to learn how to walk uphill on skis. When you first learn to ski, you’ll also have to get up smaller slopes to practice since you won’t be using a chairlift or surface lift, such as a rope tow, just yet. There are two approaches to walking uphill: Most beginners may find it easier to side-step.

How to side-step uphill:

With skis parallel to each other, face across the slope perpendicular to the fall line so you don’t slide down. (The fall line refers to the most direct route down a slope, or the line of gravity).

Roll your skis slightly on their sides or edges toward the slope.

Push off of the bottom (or downhill ski) and step with the uphill ski sideways up the hill. Then bring the other ski parallel to it.

Take small steps and lean your lower legs (rather than your butt or shoulders) into the slope.  

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