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Kayaking PFD equmiment

Kayaking PFD equmiment

Kayaking PFD equmiment

The vedio mainly talk about talked about one of the most important elements for the practice of the kayak fishing, the life jacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Device).PFD will keep us afloat in the event of falling into the water and that they can additionally help us. protect from cold and shock.

When purchasing a life jacket or buoyancy aid, we will verify that the CE logo appears on the label, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decrees 1407/1992 and 159/1995, which will indicate that the jacket has passed all the tests and that the materials that have been used in its elaboration comply with the European Regulations that since July 1, 1995 they must satisfy. This regulation defines the vests according to their buoyancy expressed in Newton (10 Newton is equivalent to approximately 1 kg).

Within the category of 50N vests, the ones that interest us are those specific to fishing, the vest should have at least the following characteristics. In the first place, comfort and freedom of movement must be sought during paddling as well as in rescue maneuvers, for this it is necessary that the vest has wide holes for the arms and that the floating material is concentrated in the lower part of it. To be able to store fishing accessories and safety accessories (whistle, signal mirror, etc.) you must have self-draining pockets, buckles and locks. In order to perfectly adjust the vest to our body, it must have tie straps at waist and shoulder level, and finally, use bright and strong colors with reflective tapes that will make us visible in case of poor visibility (fog, ortho or sunset).

children's vest

When you go kayaking with your children, you should equip them with an automatic inflatable vest so that if they accidentally fall into the water, the vest will swell when it comes into contact with the water and will keep it afloat and head above water until we can rescue him.

The most important is to equip with the waterproof walkie talkie, when you encounter the damage, you can ask help for your partner, at the same time, NOAA weather alert help to forcast the weather condition, make your kayaking travel more intersting.

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