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NEW Version RA85:feature update

NEW Version RA85:feature update

NEW Version RA85:feature update

NEW Version RA85 Cancel all CTCSS/DCS with one click

CTCSS stands for Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. It is an analog system to reduce the distuebance of listending to other users on a certain frequency, Other radios must have the same CTCSS tone or code set to hear the transmission.

DCS stands for Digitally Coded Squelch. Digital subtone (DCS) has 104 subtones. Compared to CTCSS toneS, the code speed is faster, the bit error rate is lower, and much users in the same channel. It sends a number repeatedly encoded in digital as you speak, in the low frequencies so you do not hear it. If someone else transmits on the channel with a different or no DCS, the radio will not unmute. If they transmit with the same DCS as you, then your radio will unmute. DCS is newer than CTCSS, and has more codes. This gives a lower chance of picking the same code as someone else.

Press PTT+ Number 8 button together, turn on the radio. Wait several seconds, all the preset CTCSS/DCS tones will be canceled. 

One click to cancel sub-audio, no need to operate on the computer again, more compatible

NOTE:NEW Version RA85

 ra85,  GMRS RADIO

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