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Whitewater Kayaking Gear

Whitewater Kayaking Gear

Whitewater Kayaking Gear

Whitewater kayaking  is a adventure of water sport, decide to get into the whitewater kayaking is the easy thing, but to ensure to your safety, you must to think about the equiment you need for running rapids– and that’s where things tend to get tricky.

So, I put together this essential whitewater kayaking gear list.

1. Kayak 

It’s apparent thatyou need a specialized kayak to get into whitewater kayaking, which one to get might not be as obvious.
You generally have two options – hard-shell and inflatable kayaks
Hard-shell whitewater kayaks with a short and wide hull and ample rocker.
Inflatable whitewater kayaks with short, stubby hulls and enhanced rocker that makes them appear duck-like.

2. Whitewater Paddle 

You’re also going to need a whitewater paddle,and the trick is in balancing value and performance. there are several things you want to consider:

Paddle Length-range from 191 centimeters to just over 200 centimeters, depending on your height.

Shaft Design – Whitewater-specific paddles generally have a single-piece design.

Blade Shape-high-angle paddling. High-angle paddle blades are shorter and broader than the low angle equivalent, which are longer and narrow and more suited to long distance kayaking.

3. Spray Skirt

Spray skirt is essential equiment in whitewater kayaking.When choosing a spray skirt for whitewater applications, make sure it’s made of thick neoprene, preferably reinforced with Kevlar, to ensure durability and implosion-resistance. You want to be sure your spray skirt can handle the pressure of high-volume water. 

4. PFD

A personal flotation device, or PFD, is an essential piece of safety gear for anyone participating in any type of on-the-water activities. and In most places, wearing a life jacket is required by law.

5. Kayak Helmet 

If you capsizing in any type of whitewater, the chances are you’ll encounter some hidden stones and logs, especially in shallow waters. Landing face-first onto a bunch of rocks hurts like heck – so the kayak helmet is essential equiment you need.

6. Float Bags

Float bags are placed in the stern area of a sit-inside kayak – Float bags take up space in your kayak’s stern compartment – leaving less room for the water that would otherwise fill up the cockpit in the event of a swim.

7.Emergency radio

if you are kayaking in the sea and samll river, the storm suddendly happend, you will be a wet chicken, A emergnecy radio will can help you forecast weather condition, you can prepare in advance.Retevis RT49P is the best choice as a  whitewater kayaking. 

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