Car Charger Battery Eliminator 12V-24V for Ailunce HD1 DMR Radio

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12V-24V Car Charger Battery Eliminator Compatible with HD1

  • The item without charging, directly into  cigarette lighter, suitable for ham, self driving travel enthusiasts often  driving.
  • When used  in the car, removed the original battery, using battery eliminator, you can  keep working on.


  1. Voltage input: 12V-24V
  2. Voltage output: 7.4V
  3. Color: Black
  4. Cable length: 59cm(no stretch)
  5. Weight: 110g
  6. Compatible radios for Ailunce HD1
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Works amazing

well there isnt much i can say about this. it is a normal battery eliminator for the HD1. it fits perfectly it feels high quality and works great even when at high power.

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