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EEK019 Active Noise-canceling G-shape Earpiece 2Pin

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SKU: US-C9235A

1. Adopt AI active noise-canceling technology to filter ambient noise.

2. Interchangeable earpiece and audio connector plug for more options.

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Due to its effective active noise-canceling identity, this two-way radio earpiece is suitable for various working sites with high background noise, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, nightclubs, bars, casinos, crowd control at conventions, concerts, and more.



1. The affordable price of the active noise-canceling earpiece is designed explicitly for more cost-sensitive customers who work with high background noise .

2. The microphone of the earpiece adopts AI active noise-canceling technology to filter ambient noise and keep your clear and crisp speaking voice only.

3. Clip-on microphone unit includes two different-sized push-to-talk buttons for easy use and a magnetic suction clip that you can remove the microphone unit flexibly.

4. Extreme power saving that the noise-canceling function can constantly work for about 60 hours.

5. Interchangeable G-Hook style earpiece and Kenwood 2pin connector plug for more options, if you prefer the other types, please contact Retevis customer support.

6. Comfortable G-Hook style earpiece can be used on either the left or right ear.

7. With popular Type-C charging port.

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1. Battery type: built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

2. Battery capacity: 180mah

3. Full power working time: about 60 hours

4. Charging time: about 2 hours

5. Charging voltage/current: 5.0V/500mAh

6. Type of charging interface: Type-C

7. Two-way radio connector type: Kenwood 2Pin

8. Working environment: -20±60℃

9. Size: 52*21.4*12.9mm

10. Weight: 23g

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