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EEM004 Adjustable Boom Mic D-Ring Earpiece Dual PTT 2Pin-M

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SKU: US-C9238B

  1. D-ring earpiece with long boom microphone
  2. Dual PTT
  3. Motorola 2 Pin connector plug for two-way radios.

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Retevis EEM004 Dual PTT Motorola 2 Pin D-Ring Earpiece 

Comfortable to Wear

D-ring style earpiece fits over your ear and sits securely in place. In the process of walking even running, it is not easy to fall down and can efficiently ensure the communication safety and timeliness.

Crystal Clear Sound

High-quality microphone and loud speaker offer crystal clear audio output and input. It can ensure you efficiently communicate with your colleagues in noisy environments.

Dual PTT Button

With Velcro, the finger PTT can be wrapped with the finger. Inline PTT can be clipped to the collar through the rotatable stainless clip. When communicating, you don’t need to take the walkie talkie for hands-free operation.

Universal Compatibility

The EEK020 is KENWOOD 2-Pin and the EEM004 is Motorola 2-Pin. The earpiece has universal radio compatibility. For specific models, please refer to the chart below.

Note: When purchasing, refer to the right model. If not sure, please contact our customer service, we will help you find the correct one.

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8Ohm±15%AT 1.0KHz


126±3 dB/ 1KHz


<5% Rated Input at 1KHz

Frequency Response

200HZ~ 20KHZ

Rated input power


Maximum input power

15MwFor 1 Minute







-52±3dB/U=2V 1KHz

Product Reliability Assurance Test

Storage / Work Environment

-40~70; 24H


152.4cm; 10 times

Bending (Cable)

±90°; 30cycles/min; 200g load; 10000 cycles

Pulling (Cable)

Cable pulling force: 3Kgf;

Plug pulling force :2Kgf;

PTT Life

50000 cycles


  • All of our items are brand new.
  • Secure D-ring style earpiece with flexible long boom microphone can be worn on either left or right ear for discreet communication.
  • High-quality microphone and large speaker deliver clear and crisp audio.
  • 2-wire design with remote Velcro finger push-to-talk button for more flexibility.
  • Clip-on unit includes inline push-to-talk button and stainless steel clip that rotates 360º for easy use.
  • High-grade strain reliefs help protect cables from excessive bending and pulling.
  • Motorola 2Pin connector plug for two-way radios.



This 2-wire coiled top cable in-ear bud earpiece for two-way radios is suitable for a wide range of commercial and outdoor applications, such as: cycling, motorcycling, football coaches, law enforcement agencies, retail stores, big box stores, restaurants, event coordinators, security companies, casinos, resorts, night clubs, hotel personnel/housekeeping, film crews, museum security, crowd control at conventions and concerts, and more for discrete communications.

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