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EHK007-K Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones

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  1. Environmental sound penetration: Tactical earphones have the design of penetration and transmission of environmental sound, so that the wearer can obtain natural and clear sound transmission as if he did not wear communication earphones, and can hear all kinds of situations and conditions.
  2. Hearing protection: the first priority of tactical earphones is hearing protection, which can protect the hearing system from the explosion sound of gun fire and surrounding environment, and the possibility of damage to the hearing system caused by these high sound pressure.
  3. Communication ability: as an accessory of walkie talkie, the tactical headset takes on the basic function of voice communication, enabling users to communicate with teammates in time through the radio station.



  1. High quality sound insulation sponge and leather ear pad, comfortable to wear, good sound insulation effect。
  2. Automatic pickup: there is a pickup microphone on the left and right sides, which will not completely isolate the sound of the external environment, and has the function of amplifying the environmental sound。
  3. Level 4 volume adjustment。
  4. Noise reduction: when there is a sudden sound of guns and explosions, the pickup function is automatically turned off to protect hearing。
  5. Average noise reduction 28dB。
  6. Adjustable expansion frame, the user can adjust the width and narrow, and the space can be compressed better when it is stored。
  7. It can be used with 7.1mm interface PTT. PTT has many plugs to choose from and can be adapted to different interphones。
  8. Waterproof grade IPx4。


Applicable two way radios:

  • For Retevis models: RT5R, RT5RV, H777, RT1, RT2, RT3, RT5, RT3S, RT8, RT81, RT22, RT22S, RT23, RT24, RT25, RT26, RT27, RT80, RT28, RT28P, RT50, RT15, RT17, RT617, RT51, RT46, RT18, RT618, RT19, RT619, RT66, RT666, RT67, RT667, RT68, RT668, RT56, RT69, RT669, RT43, RT76, RT71, RB17, RBB617, RB18, RB618, RB35, RB635
  • For other Radios with standard 2 prong kenwood.


Note: The Radios in the picture are just for demo.


Package includes

  • 1XHeadset
  • 1XU94 2 Pin Kenwood Jack
  • 2XBattery cover
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