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Handheld radio
While downloading an updated codeplug to my hd-1, the progress bar stalled at 36%. The radio seems to be locked up. The CPS reported connection lost to the radio. How do I recover the radio to an operating condition?
Dear Sidney, Please try to take off battery to make radio normal, please note keep connection tight between radio and PC when you upload a codeplug Best regards.
Is the rt 5rv an frs gmrs radio
Dear Paul, RT5RV isn't FRS GMRS radio please note Best regards Retevis Team
Is the RT29 a license free radio?
Dear Gonzalo, RT29 isn't license free radio please note, thanks Best regards
Donde puedo bajar el ultimo firmware para el RT82? Gracias
Dear Fran, Please download RT82 latest firmware by this link: Best regards Retevis Team
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Mobile radio
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Kids radio
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Will this work with Baofeng UV-5R/UV-82-type radios?
Dear Fred, This adapter cable shoud be used for Baofeng UV-5R/UV-82-type radios Best regards Retevis Team
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