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HA01 High-Gain VHF/UHF Antenna SMA-F for RETEVIS radio

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for RETEVIS H777 RT5R RT29 Walkie Talkie

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The Original Retevis HA01 Elite Antenna  will allow you to get longer range on your handheld radio, like Retevis  RT-5R,H-777,RT5,BaoFeng 888s,UV-5R radio. This antenna features a 2.15dBi with  up to 20 Watts of power. It is 14-47cm in length and weighs 19.7g


100% brand new and high quality
Model HA01
Band Dual band VHF/UHF
Antenna type SMA-F Soft Antenna
Frequency 144/430Mhz(136-174+400-470)MHz
Gain 2.15dB
Max power 20 Watts
VSWR Less than 1.5 Downwards
Impedance 50ohm
Connector Type SMA-F(Female)
Omni Polarization Vertical
Radiation Omni
Material TPEE and Heat shrinkable sleeve
Length 14-47cm
Weight 19g
Color Black
Widely used on handheld Radios with    SMA male interface

Applications  model:

for Kenwood TK-360,TK-370,TK-370G,TK-372,TK-372G,TK-3100,TK-3140,TK-3160,TK-3170,TK-3180,TK-3200,TK-3202,TK-3207
for RETEVIS H-777,RT-B6,888s Plus,RT5R,RT29
for BAOFENG/Pofung BF-666s,BF-777s,BF-888s,UV5R,UV5RA,UV-5RB,5RC,5RD,UV-6,UV-8,5RE    plus,BF-F8+,UV-B6,UV-B5,BF-K5,BF-A5,BF-A58,UV-A52,UV-82
for HYT TC-268,TC-268S,TC-368,TC-368S,TC-370S,TC-500-TC-500S
for LINTON LT-3288,LT-6288,LT-3188,LT-2188,LT-3260,LT-3268,LT-6188
for PUXING PX-777,PX-777Plus,PX-666,PX-888,PX-888K
for QUANSHENG TG-K4AT,TG-K100,TG-K200,TG-K58Mini,TG-6A,TG-5A,TG-620,TG-5A    Plus,TG-K4AT(UV),TG-360.
For most handheld radio.

Package  Includes:

1 x  High-Gain SMA-F Antenna

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Preview :
Nice lightweight antenna with good performance
Like this antenna because when its collapsed, its unobtrusive, still get good SWR in the ham, 2 meter and 70 cm, extended, I get decent out of band performance getting into the MURS and GMRS ranges. This thing is surprisingly light, and doesn't wiggle like some other collapsible antennas I have in my collection.
Needed a part and ordered item is as described and Is a perfect fit and Works as it should. Arrived quickly and had contact and support which demonstrates excellent customer service.will purchase other items. Antenna(and radio) great for hikes in rural Scotland where network goes and doesn’t really come back.

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