IP67 Dual Band RT87 Amateur Radio

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IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof.

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Retevis RT87 is Real IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof Two Way Radio. 

No worried about the wet environment, RT87 will keep connect with your friend.

Main feature

  1. lIP67 dustproof and waterproof

  2. Dual band (VHF&UHF)

  3. 128 channel,25FM radio channel

  4. FM radio

  5. VOX function

  6. Scan function

  7. Roger beep

  8. Emergency alarm

  9. Battery show


  11. MSK/DTMF/2T/5T

  12. PTT ID

  13. Scrambler

  14. Compandor

  15. Stun ,Kill, Activate






Channel capacity


Operating Voltage


Frequency Stability


Antenna impedance

50 Ω

Size(with battery, without antenna)


Weight (with battery and antenna)



Output power

H≥4W  L≥1W

Modulation mode


Maximum deviation


Adjacent Ch Power


Spurious radiation


Pre-emphasis characteristics




CTCSS-DCS Deviation


Intermediation Sensitivity


Intermediation distortion



RF Sensitivity

–122dBm (12dB SINAD)

Audio power


Audio distortion





≥60dB ≥55dB


≥65dB  ≥60dB

Spurious Rejection


Package includes:

  • 1 x RT87  two way radio

  • 1 x  Battery

  • 1 x  Antenna

  • 1 x  Adapter

  • 1 x  Charger

  • 1 x User&rsquo;s  manual

  • 1 x Belt  clip

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Not bad, but avoid swimming with it.

Worked great for my fishing activities. My only note of caution is to always rinse in fresh running water after each use (in saltwater) or else the antenna and other metal parts may corrode like mine did after leaving in an airtight cooler with salt water drops inside.

Great little handheld radio

Simple use handheld radio for your boats. Or for portable and/or emergency use.

Worked great for my kayak fishing adventures

This is a real safety item for boating, especially in salt water. Having a small radio as a backup makes it easy to take when we go kayaking from our small boat. Also when the weather is bad and we happen to be stuck out in it the radio is small enough to fit in a pocket in case of emergency. This unit is also water proof which I consider a must for obvious reasons. This radio is a very good value and I highly recommend it.

Dual-band for about $60.

wasn't sure what to expect from a dual-band radio that cost only $60, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Very good quality radio

My first impressions the radio it’s made with commercial quality heavy plastic. Opening the box all accessories were in the box and in good condition after putting the radio on charge I downloaded the software from the site. This radio sounds great on the air. Overall this is a very good quality radio for the money. Retevis customer support is great!!

Solid radio for a decent price

This radio feels good in the hand, very sturdy, and the water proofing is excellent. It has great audio, a nice bright screen and is very easy to use. This radio shows great promise, I'm awaiting for more updates! I would recommend this radio to anybody needing a single band waterproof unit.

Great Five Stars

Great for the boat

Excellent quality and performance

Excellent quality product. Easy operation and good range for a hand held radio. For the small boater who stays in shore or on lakes and rivers it is ideal.

Great value

Exactly as I expected and works well. I don't go too far off shore, usually a mile or so and have no problems hearing the WX.

Awesome Radio

I have had this radio for a year now and can say that it lives up to expectations. When on the ocean in the boat, kayak, dingy or even hiking around the islands this little radio is very reliable. Puts out good power and range and the battery last a long time. The greatest feature is that if is completely waterproof. I've gone swimming with this thing. If I were to ever have a marine emergency I'd want this radio with me.

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