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MMDVM Hotspot Wifi Digital Voice Modem

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SKU: C9907A

Ham radio users only. OLED display.

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OLED display

High-grade aluminum  alloy housing with speedily heat dissipation
Support upgrade  online
Frequency range:  VHF:144MHz-148MHz, UHF:420MHz-475MHz, 842MHz-950MHz (depend on ADF7021 and  TCXO, HAT's Firmware Amateur radio brand license limit)
High-quality TCXO,  stable with low BER.
With both inner  433MHz Ceramic antenna and SMA interface, work perfectly in UHF and VHF.
Humanized design,  saving space. 
Design for RPi 3B/B+  ,compatible with Pi ZERO, NanoPi NEO, Orange Pi, Compatible to BlueDV(Required  to add USBtoTTL or Bluetooth model)

Note:The Walkie-Talkies in the  pictures are only for demo.

Package Details

1x RpiZW_HAT contains 5CM right angle antenna
1x 0.96 inch OLED screen.
1x Raspberry Zero W, with heat sinks and needle  rows.
1x SanDisk or TOSHIBA TFCard 16G or 8G,
1x USB Power Line
1x Aluminum Alloy Case

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Preview :
Hotspot perfetto
Salve Questo prodotto merita un ottima recensione, l' ho acquistato e vi confermo Che lo' riacquisterei altre 100 volte! RETEVIS è una garanzia credetemi ogni volta che Metto in funzione Questo Hotspot MMDVM VHF/UHF su RASPBERRY pi0w NE resto sempre soddisfatto, tiene bene la temperatura con l' aiuto di una ventolina Ausiliaria e grazie al dissipatore di calore montato sul processore ne riduce il calore in Pochi secondi tenendo sotto controllo la temperatura. insomma cosa dire, prodotto Eccellente, Grazie RETEVIS,
Nice hotspot!
Easy to configurate, works fine with DMR network/ Retevis RT3S_Gps. If you are begginer with Pi-Star software, you can find some info on youtube. I started with this: Pi-Star Hotspot setup full tutorial for beginners! from radiosification

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