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Noise-Canceling Finger PTT Headphone Headset

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Due to its large size  and good noise reduction performance, it is suitable for places with high  background noise, such as apply to engineer of manufacturing, technician of  processing industry, construction teams, airport staff, racing teams and so on.


  • High quality noise reduction aviation  microphone headset

  • Easy to operate with three PTT

  • Finger PTT makes the application more  extensive

  • VOX switch for easy use

  • Dual volume adjustment knobs to meet  different needs

  • Dual microphone application makes  transmission of speech clearer

  • ABS shell material is more durable

  • Sponge-filled dual earpiece for a more comfortable  fit

  • Comfortable, Soft skinearmuff, clear and  penetrating speaker

  • Design of waterproof connector

  • Design of resist compression

  • 5 Pin aviation headset link line

  • Color: Blue


  • Impedance: ±1.2Ω

  • Rated input power: 50mW

  • Max input power: 80mW

  • Sensitivity: 121±5dB

  • Dimension (mm): Speaker 40mm±0.2


  • Accessory head plug, change  arbitrarily mini plug.

  • Please feel free to contact us if you have  any questions or needs.

Package  includes:

  • 1 X Headset

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