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Pair RT36 rechargeable toy walkie talkies

SKU: A9125G

With back clip、battery and charger、family service radio
Robot cartoon image;rotatable Can stand;
Full function, clear sound ; family service radio

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RT36Unique Robot Multifunctional Walkie-Talkie Toy

1. With buttons, children can set up calls at any time
The Best-selling toy family service radio has four buttons to set the frequency and channel at any time, which is convenient for talking; in addition, at night, you can turn on the flashlight to illuminate it, which is very popular with children.

RT36Unique Robot Multifunctional Walkie-Talkie Toy

2.Simple operation
RetevisRT36 is a basic walkie-talkie. The production material is safe, the walkie-talkie is very light, and it can be used after installing the battery.

Simple operation

3. Educational toys that children must grow up
Walkie-talkie is a toy product with good knowledge of radio and electromagnetic waves. Discover children's interest in radio and electromagnetic waves. In addition, the walkie-talkie toy is the perfect holiday gift.

Educational toys that children must grow up

4.Complete functions
RetevisRT36 is exquisite in appearance, easy to carry, and has complete basic functions. VOX, CTCSS/DCS, Auto squelch, Keypad tones and Mute function, etc. This is a cost-effective toy walkie-talkie.

Complete functions

5. With lithium battery and charger, very power saving
RetevisRT36 is a low-power walkie-talkie, low power consumption for receiving and sending information, and very power saving. This is a walkie-talkie that is very popular with children in outdoor activities. The bright colors match the children's outdoor activity uniforms very well, making the entire outdoor adventure activity even more special. Moreover, the walkie-talkie has a low-battery reminder function to charge in time.

With lithium battery and charger, very power saving

6. Bright colors, satisfying boys and girls
RetevisRT36 is a multi-color two way radios, both boys and girls can use. Moreover, the walkie-talkie is very light and easy to carry. This is one of the best-selling walkie-talkie models with very high market recognition and competitive competitiveness.

Bright colors, satisfying boys and girls

7.Unique robot appearance is more attractive
RetevisRT36 transforms and upgrades the appearance, choose the robot shape that children like. Make communication more childlike. Not only can it be used as a toy walkie-talkie, but it is also a craft decoration placed in the dollhouse.

Unique robot appearance is more attractive

57 reviews

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Preview :
Great for an 8 year old!
Perfect gift for my 8-year old great-niece! She won't put these down!
Five Stars
Love! Got these to use with my 4 year old. They’re simple to use and work well.
Awesome product for the price!
They work great, good reception. In my 4 story condo complex made out of thick concrete, we tested them on every floor and even the basement garage from my condo and got good reception all the time, even in the elevator! Really satisfied for the price, would definitly buy again!
Very well made. Perfect size for little hands.
Perfect size and range for our 5 year old granddaughter. It took a bit of adult help, but she mastered the talk/call button in a few hours. Her Mom and Dad loved the rechargeable batteries! Very durable. She'll be playing with these for years!
Easy to work them and good quality
I bought these walkie talkies for our five year old Granddaughter and she just LOVES them! Easy to use she had it down in a few minutes on how to work them. We where all having a good time talking back and forth to each other. Easy to recharge them to don’t need to keep replacing the batteries in thes walkie talkies. Thanks so much for a wonderful gift!!!
Very cute, work really well!
i will say that I am the first to be surprised at how well these work. My kids and their friends can communicate from opposite sides of our house, from the backyard to the front and even down the street a little bit. My son takes them on bike rides with friends in case they get separated. They are mandatory accessories during Nerf wars. The bells and whistles, lights and sounds are fun. But if walkie-talkies don't pick up each other and the sound isn't clear, they are useless. These are far from that!
Work Extremely Well, Most Loved Gift My Daughter Reports!
They are great and easy to use. I would of gave it a 5 star but only problem is the batteries stopped recharging. Update: very friendly customer service, was able to help me solve my problem and very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you
starsSolid construction, Reliable Operation
My 5 year old daughter loved these. The construction is solid. Buttons and controls all have a good feel.The screen is easy to read and the voice is clear throughout the house. My daughter even picked up some friends down the street who had received talkies as an xmas present. Great for her to talk to her friends but also so be sure to change off channel one for a little more privacy. The rechargeable batteries are holding a charge all day and we recharge them at night.
RT36 FRS Kids Wakie Takie
This walkie Talkie is awesome for kids, very nice and handy design with flash light on both of them, best thing is power usb charging for both sets and can charge both together, no need of rechargeable batteries, rechargeable battery pack comes with the package, loved that features, volume adjustable, 8 channel, clear voice, we use it while shopping with kids, kids love them using it, works with long distance
Great fun for the kids.
I liked this model because it had recharging capability. You can tell the kids to turn them off after use but you know what happens. The clarity is good. The range seemed to be very good. So far no problem .
Mode RT36
Frequency range FRS
Channel 14 
Power 0.5W
Battery type 3 x AAA batteries
Radio size 111 x 57 x 28mm/4.37 x 2.24 x 1.1in
Weight (include battery) 109g/3.84oz

Feature :

  1. Adjustment volume level

  2. Auto squelch

  3. Call tone (10 sets of call sounds to select )

  4. Keyboard lock (long press menu)

  5. LED flashlight

  6. 7 kinds of LCD display

  7. Low battery alarm

  8. Each channel a digital coded squelch

  9. VOX funcion

  10. Flashlight

  11. Backlight (seven backlight color)

  12. Memory function

  13. Auto power saving

  14. Support USB charging cable

  15. Restore factory settings

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