Retevis PC328 USB Programming Cable

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for Motorola GP328

  1. Professional USB programming cable for Motorola 2 way radios

  2. Convenient to use; RIB (Radio Interface Box) not required

  3. Super stable and efficiently program your radios without efforts

  4. Connects directly to PC or Laptop USB port

  5. Cable length: 90cm

  6. Weight: 36g

Compatibility  with Motorola 2 way Radios:
GP328, GP338, HT1250,  HT750, GP329, GP339, XTS960, PTX760, GP380, GP340, GP1280, GP308, GP208, GM300,  M110, GM338, GM3188, GM339, GM CBPRO, MCX760, MCX600

Package  Includes:

1 x PC328 USB  programming cable

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