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Retevis 2 Pin Remote Speaker Mic RT1/RT3/RT8 Radio

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SKU: US-C9050A

Retevis 2 Pin Remote Speaker Mic for Retevis RT1/RT3/RT8/RT81 Kenwood Baofeng Wouxun Two Way Radio

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New  Black Retevis 2 Pin Remote Speaker Mic for Retevis RT1/RT3/RT8/RT81 Kenwood Baofeng UV5R Wouxun Two Way Radio


  • High-quality speaker and noise canceling Mic provide loud and clear sound.

  • Side PTT button, good elasticity, not laborious.

  • Can be rotated 360°vlarge plastic clip, there are eight positioning turntable.

  • 3.5mm audio Jack which will allow you to connect your favorite listen only earpiece for privacy.

  • Strong, environmentally friendly, and durable  PU cable, the coiled cord can be stretched.

  • Color :Black

  • Cable length :19.29in/49cm(no stretch)

  • Weight :4.37oz/124g

    Compatible Radios
    Type Model
    Retevis H777  RT1 RT2 RT21 RT22 RT3 RT5 RT5R RT5RV RT6S RT7 RT8 RT81
    For Kenwood KPG KPG27D, KPG29D, KPG48D, KPG49, KPG55D, KPG56D, KPG62D, KPG66D, KPG69D, KPG70D, KPG74D, KPG75D, KPG77D, KPG82D, KPG87D
    For Kenwood TH TH-D7, TH-D7A, TH-D7AG, TH-D7E, TH-F6, TH-F6A, TH-F7, TH-F7E, TH-G71, TH-G71A, TH-G71E, TH-K2, TH-K2A, TH-K2E, TH-K2ET, TH-21, TH-21AT, TH-21BT, TH-22, Th-22A, TH-22At, TH-22E, TH-25, TH-26, TH-27, TH-28, TH31AT, TH41AT, TH41BT, TH-42, TH-42A, TH-42AT, TH-42E, TH-45, TH-46, TH-47, TH-48, TH-55, TH-75, TH-77, TH-G71, TH-205, TH-215, TH-225, TH-235, TH-235A, TH-235E, TH-315, TH-415
    For Kenwood TK TK-208/308, TK-220/320, TK-240/340, TK-240D/340D, TK-248/348, TK-250/350/353, TK-260/360, TK-260G/360G, TK-270/370, TK-270G/370G, TK-272G/372G/373G, TK-278G/378G/388GPro-Talk, ​TK-430/431, TK-2100/3100Pro-Talk, TK-2102/3102Pro-Talk, TK2207, TK3207, TK-2160/3160TK-980/2000/2107/2160/2178/2207/2307/2312/2360/2402V/3000/3107/3160/3178/3207/3207G/3230XLS/3307/3312/3360/3402U/7302(H)/8302(H)TK-U100/D240/D340/D740/D840 TK-5210(G)/5310(G)/5410/5410D/5220/5320TK-D740H/D740/D840H/D840/5720/5820
    For KenwoodNX NX-5200/5300/5400/200(G)/300(G)/NX210(G)/410/411/230EX/330EX/700H/700/800H/800/720(G)/820(G)/920(G)/740G/740/840H/840/900/901/5700/5800/5900
    BAOFENG Almost All:UV5R, UV8, UV8D, UVB5, UVB6, UV-3R, A52, UV5RA, UV5RC, UV5RD, UV5RE, UV5RE+, UV6R, F8, F8+, UV-6BF-480/490/320/V6/V7/V8/V85/658/520/530/999/888/777/666s/777s/888s/F8+/A5/388A/K5
    POFUNG UV-A52, UV-82, UV-8, UV-6, UV-5R, 888s, 5RA
    For WOUXUN KG-833/639P/819/679P/659P/689P/UV9D/UV8D/UV6D/UV66/UVD1PUV/889/D901
    PUXING PX-300M/325/328/333/358/359/555/558/508/666/628/578/568
    TC-2000/8000/3000/5000/7000 TH-F2/F3/F5/F6/F7/F8/UV8000D/UVF11/UVF9/UVF8D/TYT-300/500/600/800/900/9900MD-280/380/446/390
    Almost all with a two pin plug, Former pin diameter of    3.5mm and 2.5mm in diameter after pin, double pin from 8 min within,11 mm    center distance of 2 pin

    Package includes:

    • 1 x 2 Pin  Speaker Mic for Retevis Kenwood

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