RT20 Mini Indoor FM business radio

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  • Mini body, compact, easy one-handed operation;
  • High quality batteries for long time calls;
  • USB Type-C jack, support multiple charging methods.

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  • Scanning

  • VOX

  • TOT

  • Monitoring

  • Keyboard  Lockout

  • High-Low  Power Selection

  • Busy  Channel Lockout

  • Low  Battery Warning

  • Power  Saving Function

  • Companding/Scrambling  Function

  • FM Radio  FM 87-108MHz

  • Special  Signaling

  • 50  CTCSS/208 DCS

Technical parameters:


Frequency    Range


Supply    Power


Memory    Channel


Antenna    Configuration

Integrated    Antenna




Output    Power


Modulation    Mode


Max.    Frequency Deviation


Sparious    Radiation


Preemphasis    Character

Per    Octave 6dB

Emission    Current




<0.16uV(12dB    SINAD)

Audio    Power


Audio    Distortion


Intermodulation    interference resistance


Receiving    Current


Standby    Current


Package include:

  • 1 x RT20  two way radio

  • 1 x Adapter

  • 1 x USB  cable

  • 1 x Sling

  • 1 x User  manual

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Cool walkies and works great!

These walkies are super compact and lightweight, so I can easily put it in my pocket when I am working. The battery life is impressing, we had them turned on and worked for more than eight hours before we heard the low battery alert. Though they are small in size, but the voice is clear and loud enough to use in noisy conditions, regarding the communication range. We haven't had the chance to test the longest distance but we were able to communicate in a mile without any problem. I am happy with my purchase.

pretty good

Love it!Bought this walkie talkie for my kid‘s 6th birthday,perfect size for kid’s hands.Great range,works for long time. These are some seriously impressive walkie talkies! We can keep in touch with our children while camping outside. Satisfied with this purchase!Would like to buy another one more.

A very good choice

A very good choice for our photography team communication, very easy to use and last all day, they are small enough for us to put in our pocket, floor to any of the floors within the building with very clear reception.

small package

excelent reception on the cruise ship alluer of the sea from royal carribean,,,,almost reaches all levels ,,,i was on floor 3 ,,,went to floor 16 and reception was great.. Now from one side on the ship on floor 3 i could talk to my wife on floor 16 till half way of the ship on the 16 floor,,,very impresive for such small walkies,,,great product,,,thanks

They have a great range.

They have a great range.....I bought for keeping contact with grandchildren while out in the woods on 4wheelers .....very dense woods and can communicate great while I am in the house and they are a mile away .....excellent product

Lovely toy for kids

My kids can't be more happy playing with them, they bring the walkie-talkies with them when going out. They can talk to each other with it all day. I can also leave one at my house when I need to call them back for a meal these radios are so helpful.


These little walkie talkies easy to put in the pocket or clipped my belt, I don't like having a 10-inch radio device clipping on my waist, these are super handy and easy to use, they work for reasonable range, good for warehouse communication, good price.

Four Stars

Got them for my kids to use. They dont look fancy but they work

Good talkies

Roughly 3 miles range proved, we rely on these radios when we go hunting, they are easy to carry and have a reasonable range, the audio is clear and loud enough for outdoor use. Good purchase.

These are great. Will recommend to anyone

These are great. Will recommend to anyone. My grandson and friends love playing with this every day. I bought others before but never of this quality. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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