RT23 Cross-band Repeater Dual PTT Walkie Talkie

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Dual Band/ Receive/ 360 Degree Channel Knob

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Retevis RT23 Walkie Talkie 5W  Cross-Band Repeater Dual Band UHF+VHF 136-174+400-480Mhz Dual PTT Dual Receive  128Ch 1750Hz DTMF FM VFO/MR/CH 1600mAh Two Way Radio


What makes RT23 unique?

1.Cross-Band  Repeater Function.

Turn  on the cross-band repeater function(menu 6). You can choose one-way or  two way repeater(menu 34). One way(single) means the repeater's receive and  transmit frequencies are specific. The radio will show 162R2375,426T2375. It  indicates the repeater only can receive 162.2375,transmit 426.2375. Two  way(double) means the repeater's receive and transmit frequencies are random.  The radio will show 162*2375,426*2375. It indicates the repeater not only can  receive 162.2375,transmit 426.2375, but also can receive 426.2375,transmit 162.2375.
Cross-Band  Repeater function also can increase the distance of communication. If  you choose two way repeater, it can make the UHF radio communicate with VHF  radio. When you turn on the repeater function, you also can set if the  radio PTT Transmitting(menu 33) and Speaker(menu 32) is available.

For  example:
(1)RT23  radio A: RX 426.2375MHz, Offset: - 264.000MHz
RT23  radio B: RX 426.2375MHz, Offset: - 264.000MHz
RT23  radio C: Repeater RX 162.2375MHz, Offset: + 264.000MHz
Radio  A could communicate with Radio B,It also can increase the distance of  communication.
(2)RT23  radio A: RX&TX 162.2375MHz
RT23  radio B: RX&TX 426.2375MHz,
RT23  radio C: Two-way Repeater 162.2375MHz, Offset: + 264.000MHz
Radio  A could communicate with Radio B

2.Dual  Receive

RT23  is not same with other radios. Other radios can "watch" two channels.  Mointor two different frequencies(even on different bands (VHF/UHF)) and the  radio will monitor both frequencies giving priority to the first station to  receive an incoming call. RT23 not only can "watch" both  frequencies, but also can receive two incoming calls at the same time. What  is more,you can set the volume mode by the menu 35. MAIN indicates the main  frequency sound is louder when receiving, SUB is indicates the sub frequency  sound is lounder when receiving. OFF indicates both main and sub frequency have  same sound.

For  example:
RT23  radio A: TX/RX 162.2375MHz,
RT23  radio B: TX/RX 426.2375MHz,
RT23  radio C: Dual Standby 426.2375MHz, 162.2375MHz,
Radio  C can receive voice of Radio A&B at the same time.

3.Dual  PTT

You  can set a Sub-PTT by side key. If so you need not to choose the transmit  channel. Push PTT transmit the main-channel, push another side key will  transmit the sub-channel. Very convenient.

4.306  Degree Channel Knob

The  channel knob can rotate 360 degree. You can operate the menu up and down by  this knob. It is very convenient.

Main  Features:
1.Dual  Band Dual Display Dual Standby Handheld Radio
2.128  Memory Channel
3.360  Degree Channel Knob
4.Cross-Band  Repeater Function(VHF to UHF or UHF to VHF)
5.Frequency  offset and direction programmable in repeater mode
6.Dual  PTT(Side key can setup Sub-Ch transmit)
7.Dual  Receiving(RX on the same/different bands of A&B areas simultaneously)
8.VFO/MR/CH  Mode
10.Battery  Save
11.Strong  and Stable Output Power (High:5W/4W,Low:1W)
13.Scan(3  kinds of scan:Time,Carrier,Search)
17.PTT  ID
19.Multi  Definition for Sidekeys
20.DTMF  Encoding&Decoding
21.All/Group/selective call
22.Reverse  Frequency
23.Remote  Alarm
24.Wide/Narrow  Bandwidth Slection(25KHz/12.5KHz)
25.Voice  Guide:Chinese/English
26.Chinese/English  Screen Display
27.Single-Tone  Pulse Frequency:2100Hz/1750Hz/1450Hz/1000Hz(Signalling for activating repeater)

Package Includes

  • 1 x Handheld Radio

  • 1 x Li-ion Battery

  • 1 x AC Adapter

  • 1 x Charger Station

  • 1 x Belt chip

  • 1 x Antenna

  • 1 x User manual

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Outstanding radio

Outstanding radio I use it for my job it works great you get outstanding customer service when you buy their radios

Great 2 way radio

This is a great radio and i would tell my friends to buy one . we will be buying another one in a few weeks. If you are interested in a good two way radio this is the one to get .

Muy buen radio

Exelente radio. Justo lo que necesito. Y el vendedor muy amable y siempre atento a mis dudas. Recomiendo la tienda . Gracias

Great Radio.

Have had this radio for less than a week but have found it to be a great little radio for the price . I am extremely impressed with the performance so far . It is of seemingly good quality construction, has a nice feel, has a nice compact size, seems to be very well constructed . Although I wish it was about 2 inches longer it is about the size of a mobile microphone. Using it on amateur repeater networks mostly . Have found that even with the supplied flexible antenna I am able to communicate with repeaters that are listed as 17 to 25 miles from my current location which is not at any extraordinary elevation . I've also conducted a Symplex conversation on the .70 cm band At 20 miles distance . everyone tells me have a nice clear signal although when using the built-in microphone I have been told that it is better if I speak up although not shout, have also found that the Baufung speaker mic solve this issue again I have been complemented on the clarity. Also impressed that it came with the USB cable for programming and a mini CD of their programming software although understanding from CHiRP they now support the RT 23 .

A Great Radio!

was very pleased with this radio. I found it to be very easy to program, with the cable and free software or manually using the key pad. The menu is very easy to navigate. I have big hands and some handhelds have such small keys they are hard to operate. The keys on the RT 23 are large enough for me to operate without accidentally pushing the wrong key. I have had great results using the radio on local repeaters, have received good signal and audio reports from other stations. The RT 23 with 5 watts of power has a range every bit as good as my much more expensive handheld. A big surprise that I had with this radio is its ability to work as a repeater. I have played with this a little and found that it does work very nicely and could be very useful for emergency and event communication uses. Overall, I was very pleased with the ease of use and functionality of the RT 23. In my opinion the RT 23 would be the top of the line for the price and would highly recommend it for new or older hams who are looking for a great handheld.

Nice Radio.

It seems very well made, looks good and feels good in your hand. Solid. The sound quality from it's speaker is excellent. The FM radio works well and sounds good. I especially like the rotary channel knob versus push buttons to select channels and menu functions. Transmission reports have been good. You can program pretty much anything you want to from the key pad. The included programing software make programming much easier but it is pretty basic. If CHIRP gets around to supporting this radio it will be a big improvement.


RT23 is one of the affordable and very durable repeater best for hiking , 4x4 convoy + out door activity , and Nina gives the best customer service + support, Cheers K

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