RT24 License-Free

RT24 FRS/PMR446 License-Free radio

License-free operation/No contract fees or call charges/Reliable,instant voice communications

RT24 PMR446 License-Free

0.5w power

Power 0.5W, call distance can reach 1-3KM long-distance call sound is still clear.

RT24 PMR446 License-Free

Integrated antenna

Antenna is not removable, fully compatible with the requirements of interrogator.

RT24 PMR446 License-Free

Squelch Level

To solve the background noise in the process of using radio, improve call quality.


Scramber function

The scramble feature makes your transmissions sound garbled to anyone listening without the same scramble code. It does not guarantee confidentiality, but it adds an extra layer of privacy.

RT24 License-Free

Compression function

Through the audio companding equipment to improve the signal to noise ratio of the received audio signal, so that the sound quality of the walkie-talkie more clearly.

RT24 PMR446 License-Free

Two charging specifications

USB charger cable or 220v EU standard Available to meet the needs.