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RT30M Kitchen Mouse Toy Walkie Talkie

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SKU: US-A9136D

Children's favorite children's toy walkie-talkie
Lightweight, ears will flash, and it looks better at night
Install the battery,Clear sound

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  • RT30M Kitchen Mouse Toy Walkie Talkie

  • 1.Mouse shape, ears will flash
    RetevisRT30M is developed for children over 2 years old. The mouse is very cute and easy to operate. When the child talks, the mouse ears will flash different colors. Use it brighter at night. The children like it very much.

    2.Simple operation
    RetevisRT30M is a basic walkie-talkie. The production material is safe, the walkie-talkie is very light, and it can be used after installing the battery.

    3. Educational toys that children must grow up
    Walkie-talkie is a toy product with good knowledge of radio and electromagnetic waves. Discover children's interest in radio and electromagnetic waves. In addition, the walkie-talkie toy is the perfect holiday gift.

    4.With rubber lanyard, easy to carry
    The RetevisRT30M radio has a rubber lanyard, which will not hurt the neck when worn and is soft. Children can be hung around their necks when they are outdoors in cars, camping, and fishing, which is very convenient.

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General  Specification

Frequency Range PMR
Power ≤0.5W
Channel Capacity 1
Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Working Temperature -10°C~50°C
Weight (with battery) 53g
Sensitivity ≤0.2μV
Intermediation ≥55dB
Audio Power output >500mW
Modulation Distortion ≤10%
Frequency Stability 5ppm
Current 55mA(when standby)150mA(when working)
Audio Response +7~-12.5dB
Modulation type FM
Spurious Radiation ≤0.75μW
Modulation Noise <-40dB
Modulation Distortion ≤5%
Frequency Stability 5ppm
Maximum Deviation ≤±5KHz
Current ≤800mA
Audio Response(300-3000Hz) +6.5~-14dB
Adjacent Ch.power ≥65dB
Intermediation sensitivity 8-12mv


Call Tone
CTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode
Automatic shut-down
Long standby
PTT key to talk
Talking ear flashing
easy to use

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