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RT51&RB20 Poc Radio Service 1 Year Subscription


The RT51 & RB20 Poc Radio service 1 Year Subscription.

One Radio( Radio ID) need one subscription for each year.

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RT51&RB20 is the Poc Business radio, with the SIM card into your radio, can help talk to each other without any range restriction.

Service include

  1. 1, The PC Dispatch System: Simple voice dispatching, GPS tracking with route playback, user location view, call message history, and Recoding playback.
  2. 2, Management Platform: Add devices and Add groups.
  3. 3, Programming software: Get/Change the radio ID and password and other settings.

Please download the Dispatch system and programming from the Support of product ad link


  • This Subscription is only for one year.聽

  • One Radio( Radio ID) Need one subscription.

  • You can check your each radio's subscription Valid from the Management platform.

  • After one year, please buy this Subscription again, also please add order from your platform.

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