2pcs RT41 FRS Radios with NOAA Weather Alert

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RT41 radios with Weather Alert

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Hot Spot:

  • 22 channel FRS Radio
  • 10 channel NOAA
  • Weather alert


  • Weather Alert
  • Channel Scan
  • Privacy Code Scan
  • Voice Activated Transmit (VOX)
  • Auto Squelch
  • Button Lock
  • Call Alert
  • Roger Beep
  • Keystroke Tones
  • 121 Privacy Codes
  • Battery / Power Saver
  • Battery level Indicator
  • Ten different Call Tones
  • Belt Clip

Technical parameters:


Product number


Frequency range


Channel number


Channel spacing


Working voltage


Frequency stability


Operating temperature range


The antenna impedance


Battery Type

2 x Li-ion Battery(with cable)

Overall dimensions

160*54*41mm (Include Antenna)




RF power


Modulation method


Noise and harmonic


Residual Radiation


Modulation distortion


Maximum deviation



The sensitivity


Modulation receiver bandwidth


Adjacent selective


Intermodulation interference resistance


Spurious response inhibition


Audio output power


Audio distortion


Standard Accessories:

  • 2 x RT41 two way radio
  • 2 x Battery
  • 2 x Belt Clip
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
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They're okay

These are generally workable walkies, and they are nice to have when cell phones are unavailable, unworking, or otherwise useless.As you might expect, walls tend to be a problem, especially in large cities. But out camping or at a large playground or arboretum, these can be really useful

Great for Cruises or for living in the country

They worked well , We had a large group with us so it was nice to have some form of communication without spending money on a texting plan. We still use these today. We live out in the country and when the kids want to take off, we use these for communication.

works great! Charge could last longer

We use them at work to communicate with each other, works great! Charge could last longer...

Nice Set For The Money, More Of A Convenience Item Than An Emergency Set

This is a nice high quality well built device for the price. The quality of talking is comparable to what I used many years ago in the military. They are small and easy to use.

A good product at a great price

This is a very good Two-Way radios that should give you a good reception at a great price.We also have used them in city traffic during the early morning hours and have not experienced any problems with reception or "downtime".

they worked great until that moment

Its ok, they worked so well, that buying another set and having 3 radios isn't so bad. Best part is now I have one in each car and at the house in case of emergencies on the back roads.

I love my Wilkie-talkie

These things work great, I have enjoyed using them, they work well for local comm's and are priced right

Worked awesome.

Bought a pair with charger and two closed face helmet speaker,microphone, ptt button system for use on snowmobiles. Worked awesome.

Great for outdoor adventures

Had some initial concern with range after testing them and getting bad reception at about 4 mi. However, they worked perfectly in the mountains at about 2 miles apart through heavily wooded areas. Reception was eerily clear and I was pleasantly surprised. These will be used for further backpacking and hunting trips.

Worth the extra money.

Bought these for use at a school where keeping communication with staff if extremely important. Most of our buildings have cement walls and even cell signal is hard to find. These worked perfect!

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