RT27 FRS or PMR or MURS License-free Portable Walkie Talkies

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RT27  Three standards can be optioned
1.RT27  license-free 22 CH FRS 12.5KHz 0.5W/2W Handheld Two Way Radio----USA Frequency  Standard
2.RT27 license-free 16 CH FRS 12.5KHz 0.5W Handheld Two Way Radio----Canada  Frequency Standard


  1. RT27 is a license-free analog handheld two  way radio,With a compact, ergonomics design.
  2. RT27 have 50 CTCSS 210 DCS avoid hearing on the same  channel extra call.
  3. RT27 features a time-out timer (TOT) to avoid  inadvertent continuous operation.
  4. Programmable via PC, you are able to  customize the feature of each radio.
  5. License-free   walkie talkies fully compliant with FCC certification   standards;Extremely needn’t worry about the federal legal issues during   indoor or outdoor communications
  6. Solid build body   provides superior durability supporting rough use under complex   environment; Feeling good even drop from 5 floors; The embedded antenna   avoid antenna drops issue; decent size make you never poke your chain;   providing the two way radio long rang
  7. 1100mAh Li-ion high-capacity rechargeable battery can last 10-12 hours in standby mode, enough for day using;
  8. VOX; Scan; CTCSS and DCS; Busy Channel lockout; squelch;Monitor;TOT and etc;worked flawlessly with high quality audio


  • 1.Professional Fit & Finish
    High Quality material with multiple safety protection of overcharge   protection; over voltage protection and short circuit protection. Great   for commercial business or personal activities.
  • 2.Smart Design
    Flickering LEDs allow red led for charge, green for charged. Power   Switch Button ensue safe use during process, so you needn’t plug out the   cable after full charged. The DC jack connect well with the adapter for   safe long term use.
  • 3.Long Range Two Way Radios
    License-Free Why so important to choose license-free radios?A   license-free product that worked on the FRS bands so that we needn't pay   licenses or worry about the liability of improper usage given the fact   that we are a high-profile organization and didn't want the potential   for any unlicensed usage that would reflect poorly on the   organization.This 2 way radio makes your business using Legal.
  • 4.Hands free operation
    VOX function can achieve transmitting activated by voice, you can easy   to has hands free communications during activities.Definitely good   clarity.
  • 5.Two Way Radios Long Range Rechargeable
    Simple is the best The rechargeable 2-way radio is simple to use and   they come pre set frequency channel.Easy to operate with hand held radio   size. Provides you long range and crystal audio during communications.   Ideal for many applications: car show and track even; church;  summer   camp; warehouse;  construction; hiking/ hunting ; riding and more.

Main Functions:

  • VOX  function
  • Scan  function
  • CTCSS and  DCS
  • DCS encrypt
  • Busy  Channel lockout(BCL)
  • Adjust  squelch level
  • Monitor
  • Time-out  timer (TOT)
  • Battery  save
  • Voice  companding function

Technical Specification

Frequency    range US:462.5500MHz-467.7125MHz
Channel US:22
Channel    spacing 12.5KHz
Operation    voltage 3.7V
Battery 1100mAh(Li-ion)
Frequency    stability ±2.5ppm
Operating    temperature range -20℃~+55℃
Dimensions 105    x 59 x 34mm(without antenna)
Weight(with    antenna and battery) 185g
Output    power US:2W/0.5W
Modulation F3E
Current ≤1.2A
Modulation    distortion ≤5%(300-3000Hz)
Maximum    frequency deviation ≤2.5KHz
Remanent    modulation ≤-35dB
RF    sensitivity ≤0.3µV
Silent    sensitivity ≤0.25µV
Audio    frequency power ≥250mW
Related    audio distortion ≤5%
Modulation    receiver bandwidth ±7KHz
Spurious    rejection ≥55dB
Selectivity ≥65dB
Inter-modulation ≥60dB

Package includes:

  • 1 x Radio
  • 1 x  Battery
  • 1 x  Adapter
  • 1 x USB  Charger
  • 1 x Belt  Clip
  • 1 x Hand  Strap
  • 1 x User’s Manual
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Good Radios With A Few Issues

I recently did a review of these radios on our Youtube channel. I like them, they are simple, and it's great to have a cheaper option for the MURS band, since no one else really uses it. I don't think these are really putting out anything near 2W of power. They are recently part 95 approved, and it looked like in their testing, they were only radiating about .3 watts. So, false advertising on that one. The other thing is, I've checked these on a basic spectrum analyzer, and they spurious emissions are very bad, they bleed over to other frequencies terribly. Retevis needs to get this under control. It shouldn't be a problem since they are such low power, but it needs to be fixed. Overall they seem to work fine, and I like where Retevis is going with the simple business-like radios..just try to stay legal.

Excellent radio

Strong rugged design and sound is crystal clear. Great radios and work very well

Works well within a couple of miles on flat ground

These radios work well to keep up with someone who isn't too far away - they are simple to work and easy to hear.

It suits our purpose very well.

The set is compact and looks nice. It is simple to use and has good sound

good 2 way radio for the price.

Good product, they could come with another charger for one of the radios vs. just the base chargers for both.

Clear sound and easy to use.

We use them for backing up the RV and camp sites and the driveway. Works great. We got headsets with them. I like it.

Feel solid

Took about a week from ordering to my door step. All are there and nothing broken. Tried a couple out. So far, about 3,4 mile, in town, clear both ways.

Really what we were looking for

My 8 year old had been hoping for some realistic looking radios like these for almost a year now.hey have met all of his expectations. REAL radios that work, mind the fact that they get interference from other little and big boys with real radios talking on them too

great way to keep in touch

Love these. So helpful around the house and in town.


The radio is pretty simple for use. Signal is excellent vertically. We hiked on Angel Landing trail in Zion National Park for 8 hrs. At first, we worry that the signal might be disturbed due to the rock/cliff wall, but we have no problem to communicate from 1/3 of the trail to the top.

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