License-free NoAA Weather Alert two way radio RT16

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1, License-free Radio with 2pcs in package

2, 11 NOAA weather Channels.

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Retevis RT16 NOAA VOX License-free 22 Channel Radio


  • Weather Alert

  • A/B band independent operation

  • Voice Activated Transmit (VOX)

  • Squelch

  • Button Lock

  • Monitor function

  • Busy channel lockout

  • Keystroke Tones

  • 121 Privacy Codes

  • Battery / Power Saver

  • Battery level Indicator

  • Ten different Call Tones

  • Dual channel monitoring

  • USB charging function

  • TOT function

  • FM radio(87-108MHz)

  • LED light

  • Belt Clip

Charging progress bar will not be displayed in power off state.


  • 2 x RT16 two way radio

  • 2 x Battery

  • 2 x Belt Clip

  • 2 x Sling

  • 1 x One to two charging lines

  • 1 x User Manual

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Top quality unit for the price

More features than the average (me) user will need or use. Worth the money! However, for the average user (me), it is not user friendly. (Owner's manual essential.) The reason for the 4 and not 5 starz is the chargers. Worst I've ever used. Works great once you connect the unit to it but connecting it is a whole different matter. Engineers need to rethink the cradle!!!!! Don't expect to get it right on the first try any time. Haven't done range testing so will go with previous reviews on their experiences.

Good quality design.

Built to much better quality standards than the Baofeng models.

.. radios a lot yet but so far they work great. Very pleased with battery life

Have not used the two-way radios a lot yet but so far they work great. Very pleased with battery life. Thought the operating instructions were complicated for a non-ham radio operator and was curious how I could obtain a auto battery charger for the radio. Contacted customer support who advised that the battery charger is currently not for sale in the U.S. Quickness of responses provided by customer support were great. Possibly the best customer support I have ever received.

Awesome deal........

This radio package from the seller came on time and actually a bit faster than expected. The contents were neatly packaged together with all manuals, cd's and cables needed to program the radios using my surface pro 4. The radios are of a nice weight and don't feel like they are cheaply built, but at the same time not to heavy that you would hate wearing it for long periods of time. While the kit comes with the standard antenna which I decided to purchase the shorter stubby antenna as it makes for easier wearing. Awesome deal for the price!!!!!

Awesome 2 way radio

We have alwaysed used the Motorola, Cobra and Uniden Wally talkies for our camping, hiking and mountain bike trips. However have always had issues with reception, clearity, and people can listen in even with privacy codes (blocks people from talking to you but they can still listen in). So we decided to give RT5 a try...WOW! We have been so impressed with the battery life, range in and out of the city and the sound quality compared to the other units. The additional features like dual band, capabilities of connecting to repeaters for additional range and the ability to customize the radios utalizing the included USB cable takes it to another level. Now it doesn't stop their, since we are new to this kind of radios we had a few challenges and reached out to customer service through email with prompt reply considering the time difference...They truly stand behind their product 100%.


I purchased this set of Retevis RT5 (8 watt) radios, with the included programming cable, to replace my "blister pack" GMRS radios. WOW! What a BIG difference! These radios are INCREDIBLE! I had the opportunity to test them today...out to 6 miles in town/country mix...REAL WORLD NO KIDDING 6 MILES! That's successfully transmitting and receiving. I currently hold an​ FCC GMRS license (and will test for my ham license soon) so I was only able to test the GMRS and MURS capability thus far. But I will be able to test the 2 meter band capabilities of these radios​ soon. I was able to receive and transmit much better than the blister pack radios though. I was using the Retevis RHD-771 aftermarket antennas on both radios at the time of my test and not the included "rubber duckie" antennas. They worked FLAWLESSLY! I used the Retevis RT5 software (instead of CHIRP) from the website to program the radios (using the included USB cable) because it seemed​ more compatible with the RT5 radio when assigning power levels. And what's even BETTER than these radios was the customer service that ANGELA provided (she went ABOVE AND BEYOND in ways that other companies can't EVEN come close to). I am going to use these radios primarily for outdoor recreation (i.e. camping, fishing, etc.) but also for every other event that life pops up in front of me. These would be GREAT for family reunions, farm communication (between combine, tractor, etc...been there done that!..) you name it. For t


I recommend this product.

Good battery

I like it compact size battery can be last longer for 6 days for me usually I use it between 3 minutes conversion 10 times a day

Easy to use right out of the box!

Simple and easy to use! Opened the box and went right to work- the units had almost full charge. No need to read guide to just use quickly. We liked them so much we ordered four more! Came with neck straps and belt clips

Solid radio

Different from the competitor this comes preprogrammed for all the legal requirements channels power and bandwidths. This does not come with ear piece compared to radioditty brand which comes with ear piece.





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