RT54 DMR Digital UHF 5W Walkie Talkie

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>Detachable speaker
>High sound quality
>UHF Full-Frequency Radio
>Digital and analog compatible

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Retevis  RT54 DMR Digital Two Way Radio UHF  400-470MHz 5W Digital Walkie Talkie

Main  Features

●Detachable  speaker
Remove and clean the speaker, guaranteed  sound quality
●UHF  Full-Frequency Radio
Frequency  range: UHF 400.000-470.000MHz
●Digital  and analog compatible
Support  DMR digital and analog two communication modes to ensure that the original  analog products smooth transition to digital products to meet different  communication needs
●Digital  signaling function
Rich  calling modes that support DMR protocol, including single call, group call and  all call; supports remote inhibit function and other applications
●High  sound quality
This  digital two-way radio uses advanced AMBE +2TM voice processing technology to  achieve higher quality
●High/low  power switch
5W/1W  power switch, Meeting the power requirements of different call distances to  save more energy
●Supports  the use of repeater
●Side  buttons can be customized without changing the user’s operating habits

Main technological specification

Frequency range


Channel Capacity


Channel Spacing


Operating Temperature


Operating Voltage

DC 7.4V

Antenna Impedance


Microphone Impedance



Li-ion    DC7.4V 1600mAh


135×53×33mm ( no including antenna)




Output power

High:5W    Low:1W

FM modulation

25/16K¢F3E 12.5K/8K¢F3E

4FSK digital modulation

12.5KHz for data:7K60FXD 12.5KHz for  data and voice :7K60FXE

Vocoder type


Digital Protocol

ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,



Signal-to-noise Radio(wide/narrow)

25K≤-45 dB  12.5≤-40 dB

Rated audio Distortion


Frequency Stability


Max Frequency Stability



Sensitivity (12dB SINAD)

Analog 25K≤-121dB  12.5K≤-119dB

Digital 0.3μV/BER5%

Signal-to-noise Radio

25K≥45 dB    12.5K≥40dB

Adjacent    channel selectivity

25K≥65 dB   12.5K≥60dB

Intermediation (Wide/ narrow)

25K≥60 dB    12.5K≥55dB

Spurious    Response Rejection

≥65 dB

Audio    power


Audio    distortion


Frequency Stability


Battery    life under 5-5-90duty

14.8 hours(with 1600mAh Li-ion battery)

20.9 hours(with 1600mAh Li-ion battery)

Package includes

  • 1 x RT54 Two Way Radio

  • 1 x Antenna

  • 1 x Battery

  • 1 x Belt Clip

  • 1 x Sling

  • 1 x Power Adapter

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Charging stand

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I had to have my son help me program it, but now I love it!

A lot of channels read manual

Well made very easy to use would purchase again but read manual

Excellent Radio

My son and I have been using the radios every since we received them. They have worked well as expected and even better. Good clear communication. Good equipment and well made. We would recommend them to anyone that wants a good clear strong handheld Radio.

A good radio for the price

I am new to ham radios. I thought it would be a good way to learn ham radios and the price was so reasonable. So I nought it. Have not realy tested it out.

Great walkie

Great walkie. Works for what I want it for. The only thing wrong is the on and off switch comes off to easy. That need to be fixed. But other then that great walkie

Very satisfied

I opened the box and everything was in the package that was advertised. I charged the battery, programmed the radio.

Great buy!

Sold radio, has everything I need and works like is should. The battery last very long.

Great radio

Great value. Radio works as expected.Once you get the programming in they are very useful. Just be aware of license requirements and stay within them. I connected this to my truck antenna and could hit repeaters that can connect me hundreds of miles, from Idaho to California. It does the job just fine.

Works great. Good value

Sounds quite well. Seems well built. Great audio reports. Battery life is excellent

I would buy it again!

I got mine directly from Retevis, It's a great little radio! If I buy another low price radio, I wouldn't hesitate to get another one of these. It's a lot of radio for the money you spend.

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