RETEVIS, a growing brand of two way radio and accessories, is subordinated to SHENZHEN RETEVIS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Shenzhen is our logistics and products center, and more than 30 people are working here for better products development. Besides, Zhengzhou is our operation and service center, and more than 60 people are listening to and dealing with our customers’feedback every day.

RETEVIS two-way radio has been widely used in all kinds of industry,such as on-site business radio camping, construction, children’s best partner, mobile vehicle ,bank applications and so on. Meantimes, most retevis products have got FCC,CE and ROHS certifications. With the advanced equipments and professional workers, it’s one of the production process of our factory. RETEVIS is always pursuing Quality Assurance and Technology innovation, we have invited one group of professional products experts team researching and developping better and better products. We not only sell RETEVIS radios, but we have taken the time to improve RETEVIS for everyone. We set up not only more than 4000 squres Chinese domostic warehouse,but also US,GB,CA,AU,DE,IT,FR,ES and NG overseas warehouse.Till now,we has sold more than 180 countries,especially countries from North Americans and Europes.

“Joy, Growth,Value and Happiness”make us move on, Also, Retevis wish every one of you enjoy all from RETEVIS,too.