User Manual

The manuals help you know better the Radio Functions . And learn more Radio Operations and Matters Need Attention. You could get the detailed Product Parameters as well.

Programming Software

It makes you get full control of your radio. You could self-define the channel information, sub-audio settings, shortcuts, and any else settings on your radio. It is a powerful assistant in the process of using the walkie-talkie.

Retevis Alternative RT82 Firmware

Download RT82 nonGPS - EXXT Firmware
Download RT82 GPS - EXXT Firmware

Note: It's a RT82 alternative firmware, beta version, mainly for hams. So think twice before you download and upgrade. We will continue to improve it.

Retevis UserDB Manager

Supported radios include RT82 and RT90, GPS and nonGPS. Only for use with CSV firmware types.

Press the "Download Update" button to download latest user database to your computer.

You can then press the "Flash UserDB" button to write that into your radio.

Alternatively, you can supply an RT3 formatted usercsv and browse for it. Use the "Flash from File" button to write your own provided csv instead.

For the RT82 and RT90 we have added a new function which allows you to make a full flash backup of your radio.

Note: Supports updating user contacts and also making flash dump backup of radio. No installation needed, no driver install needed, and no microsoft office needed. You must unzip the files into a folder before using them. No other installation is required past this.


The Professional certification is our promise to provide you the high-quality products . And it can be the effective information for import and customs clearance . It is also the important certification for legal sales in your country .

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