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Retevis RT6 analog radio

Business Radio

It builds a temporary call system, to support calls frequently. You still can transmit or receive signals even if your mobile phone couldn't.


Not subject to network limit

Don't rely on the base station or other third-party equipments. It transmit signal by itself and directly received by another radio.Avoiding can not communicating by third-party equipment damage. In the area without network signal coverage,walkie talkie allows the user to easily communicate.

Retevis Low cost analog radio

No cost for communication and it supports one to many

Walkie-talkie is a communication tool, and it is different with mobile phone charges. It Provides one-to-one, one-to-many communication, more convenient and free to use.

Retevis vox radio

VOX: make hands-free

NO need press PTT to launch, particularly apply to some hands-free occasions, such as holding objects, working or driving.

Noise level adjustable

Squelch Level

To suppress the sound of channel noise when the radio is not receiving a transmission. improve the communication quality.

Retevis radio connection relay

Connect the Repeater

Transmit 1750/ 1450/ 1000/ 2100 Hz signal, connecting repeaters to extend transmissions and make communication distance longer.

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