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rt25 Channel selection (keyboard)

Dual PTT Function

There are two PTT buttons helping you transmit signals easily.

rt25 Settings of the main channel

Key Backlight Function

The keys have green backlit display, It helps users press the right buttons under dark.

rt25 Channel selection (keyboard)

Scramble and Companding function

There are scramble and companding function to choose , the users can select speech encryption or higher communication quality according to the different usage environment.

rt25 Channel selection (keyboard)

Double tone multi frequency

Analog radios achieve stun and skill functions . The owners can control their equipments to meet the needs of a variety of occasions.

rt25 Channel selection (keyboard)

Non-standard analog/digital tone

Increase call privacy

rt25 Channel selection (keyboard)

Power display on the Charger base

When the radio is charging, the charger base will show the charging process, the user can quickly grasp the power.