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RT35 Walky Talky features


Built-in 2.5D Jack

Connect the RT35 headphone for better use in noisy environments or for private conversations.


Built-in VOX

Built-in VOX allows hand free operation which automatically starts transmission in response to your voice when using an external microphone.


Equipped with Micro USB terminal

The standard micro USB port means a smart phone charger can also be used to charge RT35. and can be charged in any way: War charge, Mobile charge, Car charge and PC charge.



Safe environmental materials to meet your stylish taste and health experience. Fresh color to meet childrens interest. Becoming Children essential communication tools when playing. Body ergonomic protection design to make it feeling smooth, avoid edge damage to skin or hands. RT35 is safe, comfortable and easy for children to use.



Built in CTCSS/DCS(121 privacy codes), Auto squelch & Auto power saving. Which makes the radio working in an safe environment, and stand longer. Flashlight and Backlight makes working normaly in the dark atmosphere, which gives kids more comfortable feel and funny. Built in Digital clock, only time display in standard mode, to make the radio bcoming the obvious choice.



RT35 offers high/low (1/0.5 Watts ) power levels, for direct radio-to-radio communication on the same frequency. High and low power exchange, meets the needs of different talking distance. Bbuilt-in 600 mAh lithium-ion battery, Increases the talking distance, makes RT35 talking further than normal children walkie talkie.



Simple and license-free operation in an all-in-one package ready for immediate use. The front panel button layout makes the RT35 easy to operate.



Fitting in the palm of your hand, the RT35 is easy to take anywhere at only 101 g, it can fit comfortably in a pocket or attached with the included belt clip.Special design to suitable children use and easy to carry.

RT35 Size

Weight(grams) : 100g(Transceiver+Battery+Antenna)

rt35 Sample image
rt35 Sample image
rt35 Sample image

User Manual

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RT35 English Manual

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