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1  When using the shoulder microphone, how can I turn off the PTT button on the RT1 to prevent accidental transmission?

2  Where can I find programming software for RT1?

3  Is there any setup software? If so where is it?

4  having trouble programming radios we just purchased. Please help..

5  trotzt viele versuhungen,auch mit hilfe von leute die kenen rundum PC einstelungen,hab ich meine rt1 nicht programirt,weil nach bestetigung von bestimte funktionen,ist das nicht auf gerät gespeichert

6  We have a number of VHF RT1's We have had them for a few years. Recently we have been getting electrical shocks from the screws that hold the belt clip in place when transmitting. We don't remember getting these shocks when we first started using the units. Have other people had this happen? Is there any solution? thanks

7  I work for OdySea Aquarium. We purchased 140 RT-1 Radios for our use at work. We are in need for additional screws that hold the belt clips in. I found where I can purchase more belt clips, but it says it only contains the clip and no extra screws. We are having radio clip screws break off, rust off, or get lost. How can I obtain additional Belt Clip screws for our RT-1's?

8  Are the channel used by the RT1 compatible with the channel used by the H777 Walkie Talkie?

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