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1  Can I to use a battery from the PUXING-888 as spare battery for the R-23?

2  Hello guy's. Is the Rt23 able to repeat Uhr to Uhr. for example 400.000mhz to 420.000mhz.?

3  In the repeater mode I also would like to use low power to avoid interference with other stations. 1 watt or even less would be ok.

4  My walkie talkies have stopped working, battery is full, blue light on and both on the same channel but when I press talk button to send a message no sound comes through?

5  Somehow While pushing scan button (#) went to All Lock, how do I unlock from ALL LOCK status?

6  I am trying to find the CHIRP programming software for the RT23. It works okay for the RT6 but RT23 is not listed.

7  How do I attach the USB cables to the radio?

8  Which software do I use to program the RT23? Nothing on the CD that was sent has RT23. Only RT3,5,8 or 9000.

9  Can I use the batteryof puxin UV 9R is it same????? which kind of battery of puxin????? thanks ta2at bulent..

10  The Software from the rt23 is a Option - Edit - The Option Edit is a Field - Parameter Adjust- Wat is the Passwort for thies Option -Parameter Adjust? MFG Hans

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PAGE : Total: 20 questions

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