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1  Hi. I'm trying to program an analogue channel, but DCS setting for D212N is missing from the programming software. Regards.

2  Hello there, is it possible to adjust the TX-Power for example to 2,5 W to get common with local/national law? best regards Mario

3  When trying to read the radio a message appears "invalid port number" I use a Baofeng programming cable. Do i need another cable?

4  what program do you use for rt81

5  How do I set my radio to analogue rather than digital ?

6  Hello, Here I bought the RetevisRT81 in October 2016 or I noticed that it was not compatible tier2, it pulls on the 2 slot at the same time. Retevis ma say that a firmware update was planned for the beginning of 2017, that is my question or in es this firmware that fixes this bug Thank you for answering me Receive my greetings

7  Good evening... My rt81 use both 2 slots ... it is possible? When I transmitting in slot 2 (for example) the radio use slot 1 and 2 ... Firmware problem?? Thanks. Kris

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