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1  Good Morning, I recently bought RT388 model to my sons. Now I discovered RT388 plus (with rechargeable batteries). If I buy the charger and replace the standard batteries with rechargeable AAA batteries can I use it as RT388 Plus? Thank you in advance. Best Regard. Luca

2  hello. im reading that the 388 only takes energizer aaa bateries. is that correct or do they take other brands? thanks

3  How long does the charge last when you use the wall charger instead of batteries on a rt 388?

4  How could I reset the retevis rt388?

5  Ho acquistato 2 settimane fa, su ebay 4 radio retevis rt31 una PMR 8ch e 99 codici CTCSS vorrei sapere come fare per avere la tabella dei 99 CODICI CTCSS oppure dove trovarla. In attesa grazie per l'attenzione Luca

6  I can’t figure out how to bring up a comparison. I have added a few walkies via the “compare” button but can’t figure out what to do to actually see the comparison. Help? Thanks

7  I need a manual for RT35 in French. Is it available in French online or can someone email it to me? Mesi, Scott

8  You have an german User Manual as well.

9  I bought the rt35 and i can only get one to work. I can hear on the second one but i can't respond it judt beeps loudly. Help

10  Have RT388plus. 1 works but the other only works when plugged into outlet. Please advise- 1 grandchild is very disappointed!

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PAGE : Total: 18 questions

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