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1  when I go to write or read the port is not seen how can I make it see the port? Thanks

2  Hi, I purchased 8 of the RT2 walkie talkies and im very happy with the performance, however the belt clips have broken quite easily and i need replacements. Ive had two seperate email exchanges with yiur customer service but no satisfaction. Can you help?

3  My radios revert to analog mode when powered off. How do I lock in digital mode?

4  Good day. I bought Retevis RT 2 and I can not program DPMR frequencies. Could you advise me how to do it?

5  I have a few of the RT2's. However, on occasion, the speaker seems to be muted and I can not hear through them. I'm not sure what is causing this as I have one radio now that I can not hear from completely. It will transmit and receive as the radio will light up but no sound will come out

6  Dear Sirs/Madams, I have a number of RT2 models, but I got some issues with them, when using many channels, as it doesn't display the channel name (only show Channel Number), even when I have configured it in the programming tool. Please provide your latest firmware and instructions on how to update the radios - very happy with their performance, but the firmware is far from complete, so please provide the latest version. Thank you in advance, Jan

7  i need sofware

8  Hi, Where can I find the software for this radio. Thank you for your help. Philippe

9  What settings have to be done for the best signal?

10  where can I buy the programming cable for this unit?

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PAGE : Total: 14 questions

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