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1  I have not used the radio for some months and the battery was completely dead. I placed the radio (switched off) and the LED light was green. I was confused as I believed it should be red for charging and only show green when fully charged! I removed the battery from the body of the radio and reattached it and placed the set in the charging cradle - same result, a green light. I then turned the radio on while still placed in the charging cradle and the green light immediately turned red. I am assuming that this suggests a fault. Can you advise please. Thanks Roger

2  Is there new software for the RT3 as I seen on QRZ that there is a new version of the firms-ware but when I went looking for it I could not find it anywhere. I would be happy if you could let me know if there is and where to get it. Many Thanks: Steven.

3  hi from germany my call a can place the the new RT3, the firmware version is D013.009 thanks

4  La pantalla del walky se bloqueo estando encencendido el aparato,, lo paré y volví a ponerlo en marcha quedando la pantalla en blanco, no obstante sigue transmitiendo y recibiendo pero la pantalla no muestra ninguna forma de texto ni canal ni indicatvo del corresponsal. Hay alguna forma de proceder a un resset o cual es la solución de restaurar a su original estado. Les agradeceré una positiva solución. La compra del walky la efectué hace unos diez días y hasta el momento con plena satisfacción.

5  I down loaded the new firmware from Facebook and installed RETEVIS-Vocoder-RT3-S13.32.bin, now all i get now is a white screen. please could you advise if the old firmware is available Ver:D013.009 CP Ver: V01.30 or advise how i can fix this problem. regards

6  I down loaded the new firms wear as I was getting the white screen every now and then when I renewed the code-plug. I got the new firms wear from Face Book and went through all the things to install on my radio. Now when I switch it on all I get is the white screen with my name and call-sign. It stays there and just bleeps every 20 sec. That is all I am getting. Is there anywhere that I can get a copy of the old firms wear Ver:D013.014 CP Ver: V01.32 so that I can get the radio back up and running. Many Thanks: Steven.

7  Hi I have an RT3, the firmware version is D013.009. And the CP.ver is V01.29. My question is, after loading your latest (non GPS) firmware my radio would not work, all I got on switch on was my welcome screen then just a blank white screen, I tried several times downloading to the set but nothing, I have heard of many people having similar problems as this?, Does my CP ver need updating?, Or is the updated file all inclusive?, Or is there another firmware after D013.009 that will NOT cause my radio to crash ?, I would like to keep my radio up to date but since my problem I have had to reload my old firmware just so I can use my set,. Many thanks in anticipation,. Very good radio by the way

8  could you please send me the programming software for my Retevis RT3 please, I`d be so grateful to you if you can do this for me............

9  My PC Lenovo G50-30 - Prozessor Celeron N2830 - 64Bit. I need a driver for the programming sofware. Can you help me? The drivers on the web page do not work. Many Thanks

10  hi there i did not get the software for this retevis it is the uhf/vhf i cant find any thing to program it i have not got the drivers for the usb i am running windows 7 please help

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PAGE : Total: 13 questions

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