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1  Contact you? That's what I did ... Do you have a project to solve the problem?

2  hi i have rt6 and i want so scan frequency when i pres scan it scans just channels how to scan frequency? thank you

3  Trying to program RT6 with chirp and it says "Error reading data from radio: not the amount of data we want". any ideas?

4  Dear Retevis, I wanted to ask, can a small piece be ordered from you? I have the Retevis RT6 model, and I miss it, that is, I lost the cover of the microphone und headsets on the side. Without it, the radio is not waterproof. So I need that plastic part with a little screw. Would you please send me that part, I'll pay you?Greetings!

5  I have a pair of h-777 and also a new pair of Rt6 radios. Is there a way to make them work together?

6  Can you manually enter frequency or does it have to be put in by computer?

7  I am in possession of other radio equipment and with decoding software dtmf I saw the difference with Retevis RT6. Wouxun emits a "TX" end tone (hash sing or pound sign). In fact, wouxun does not decode T6 until the # symbol is sent. But the problem is that even tones are not decoded between them (RT6 and RT6). In addition, if you set the menu to send tones, if you turn off the radio and switch it on again, you must set it to send tones (it does not keep setting in memory).

8  Please, an you send me the notice in french Thank you

9  Need step by step programming instructions for using software.

10  Good morning, Ours is a Nonprofit Association of volunteers of Italian Civil Protection and we have purchased 20 Radio Retevis RT6 radios. We are confident that you are aware of the DTMF hardware problems of your equipment: - PTT ID (Menu 19) - does not remain in the activation memory after switching off or changing the channel - Do not emit symbol # end tone Can you hope that Retevis will release a new firmware? If positive, Retevis will indicate how to upgrade the firmware? We look forward to you and we apologize for your kind reply. Thank you for your cooperation, cordial greetings. il presidente dell'associazione di volontari. CAPUANO LEONARDO

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PAGE : Total: 12 questions

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