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1  hello i recently buy tow RT7 i cant programm on my computer i have windows 7

2  I have 5 new Retevis Rt7's and I need to be able to use the vox setting, which I no idea how to activate. I also have the R114 vox headsets. These are very nice radios but how do you use vox comand? Please help!!! Thanks

3  where can I get a programming usb cable for the RT 7?

4  Hello. Sorry for my bad English. I recently buy two RT7 and H-777. Where is the programming software for model RT7 y H-777. Thanks

5  Can you sent me a manual for the RT7? I have the programming cable and software but how do i make one handheld switching with VOX? just a V at Vox and sent it to the set is not enough. Thanks.

6  Dear Friend I am happy with the product I've bought RT7 and H777), but I am not able to change the program inside (for instance, I would like to use RT7 and H777 together). I have an IMac and I need to know how to do it. Best regards Franco

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