RT628 FRS UHF Walkie Talkies

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  • This item is suitable for short distance communication.  It is simple, economical and convenient

  • The USA Frequency or Euro Frequency(Option)

  • The Color Red/White/Black(Option)

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Frequency    Range US    Frequency UHF:462.550-467.7125 Euro Frequency    UHF:446MHz
Channel 22 FRS 8CH
Output    power 0.5W
Color >Red/White/Black (Option)
VOX    function Yes
Channel lock Yes
LCD    display including, battery status indicator Yes
Adjustable    volume level Yes
Transmitting    and receiving icons Yes
Channel    number and scan status Yes
Monitor    function Yes
Setting    the double channel monitor Yes
Scanning    Channels Yes
Power    selection (LO/HI) Yes
Push to    Talk Timeout Timer Yes
Setting    and Transmitting Call Tones Yes
Setting    the Sensitivity Level Yes
Setting    the SQUELCH Level 1-6 Yes
Size Approx    160X55X28mm
Battery 3 x “AA”    batteries(Not include battery)
Weight 90g/piece

Package includes

  1. 2 X Walkie Talkies
  2. 2 X Belt  clip
  3. 1 X User's  manual
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Works great!

These walkie talkies make for a nice toy for your kids. We bought my sons some toy walkie talkies (Ninja Turtles) and they were junk - you couldn't make out what the other person was saying and the range was a joke. These are much better fidelity, and have a fantastic range. My boys love to play police men all around the house with these. A few features include: Easy to press PTT button Channel lock Monitor mode 10 different call melodies Adjustable volume level One negative I found is that they use 4 AA batteries rather than rechargeables. This is an item that should include rechargeable batteries, especially when kids will be using it due to the fact that they always forget to turn things off. I knocked off a star due to not using rechargables. All in all, these are a nice value. Way better than the other terrible toys out there on the market, and your kids will have a ton of fun with them. A sample unit was provided in exchange for my unbiased opinion and a fair review.

Great purchase - very pleased!

I bought these for my husband and I since I hate yelling for him to come upstairs or if he is yelling for me F43to come downstairs, so I bought us a pair of affordable walkie talkies!Sheet2!F47 We have used it quite often while he may be doing yard work and while I am inside, or vice versa. It has made it very easy to communicate and using them is very simple and easy. Without batteries in them, they are very light and feel a bit cheap, but once batteries are in and they are working, the quality of hearing and easy to use set-up outweighs the cheaper plastic feel! It's a great price for what you get. They reach very far as well. I live about 5 minute walk from my brother and I talked to my husband from a walkie talkie and I was at the cul-de-sac and he heard me! It did break up here and there but I never expected it to actually work that far away!

Fun toy. Great customer service.

My boys got these for Easter. I ordered a bit later than I meant to so I checked with Cust Service. They replied, followed up with a status and even followed up to make sure we received everything ok. I wish there were stars for creativity. In one day, my boys were firemen, farmers, Paw Patrol characters, and policemen. Great product! Had an initial problem, but seller resovled the issue

Great Purchase....you can't go wrong!

These are exactly as advertised. They are clear and no static at all. We were abel to transmit and receive from quite a long distance with no problems. I absolutely recommend these walkie talkies.

These are excellent quality and reasonably priced

If you are looking for walkie talkies. These are excellent quality and reasonably priced. Search no more.

Not as user friendly as a toy would be but voice quality was excellent. Seller sent very quickly

Bought as Christmas present for 7 yr old son and nephew. Not as user friendly as a toy would be but voice quality was excellent. Seller sent very quickly, so happy about. Four stars due to user friendliness. Seller gets five stars.

Solid Product

Overall, the walkie talkies work as advertised. The coverage area is more than expected and both my 5 and 3 year old children are able to operate them with ease. The only negative I can think of is the back clip falls off too easily, considering the use of the walkie talkie is geared towards younger children.

Exceptional ...pleasantly surprised by Quality

Great quality. Bought these for a trip with our nieces & nephews to Disney. The aim was for fun (treasure hunt ) communication and safety . These walkie talkies exceeded our expectations . Professional quality at a toy cost. Very pleased with the purchase and durability . We take these to the beach now too

These are great for my six year old grandson

These are great for my six year old grandson. He likes to get in the top bunk of his bunk beds and talk to his Mom and Dad downstairs. They work well for the price.

Long distances!

We really like the walkie-talkie set. It's a little complicated but I'm sure we will adjust. We wanted them so we could play with the neighbor across the street. They work well. I'd say they work well in a 2 block radius.

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