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Consumer Two-Way Radios(Consumer Radios) Uses

Consumer two way radios(Consumer Radios) have many of the same features and capabilities of business and even commercial two way radios at a fraction of the cost. The differences come in battery power, durability, and their intended use. While many businesses successfully use consumer walkie talkies, consumer two way radios are best used by Families, Scout Troops, Youth Groups, Hunters, Skiers, and other groups needing to communicate over wide areas.

Consumer radios typically support FRS and GMRS frequencies, which were set aside by the FCC for individual or family use. They provide a convenient, easy, and low cost way of keeping in touch with others who are close by.

Having trouble choosing a radio? Select one of the common radio uses links from the list below to learn more about which features are important, and to see a few recommendations.

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