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Antennas for Handheld/Portable Radios

Enhance your coverage with Retevis antennas.

Retevis offers a variety of antenna options to suit your needs. Our portfolio includes multiple mounting types, GPS capability, directional and omni-directional and more.

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New Black Original UHF 400-480 MHz SMA-F Antenna for Retevis RT7 Two Way Radio

$1.99 $10.99 (81% off)

New Black Original UHF 400-470 MHz Short 4.72in SMA-M Antenna for Retevis RT8 Two Way Radio

$3.99 $11.99 (66% off)

This antenna features a 2dBi with up to 20 Watts of power. It is 7.87in(20cm) in length and weighs 1.05oz(30g)

$3.99 $13.99 (71% off)

SMA-M Elite Antenna U/V Antenna

$4.99 $15.99 (68% off)

RT82 original SMA-M antenna 

$3.99 $11.99 (66% off)

for RETEVIS H777 RT5R RT29 Walkie Talkie

$3.99 $11.99 (66% off)

AY01 Yagi-Uda Antenna

$30.99 $57.99 (46% off)

Dual band VHF/UHF long SMA-F antenna

Compatible with Ailunce HD1

Max power 20W

$3.99 $13.99 (71% off)

SMA-F Antenna UHF 400-480MHz

$3.99 $11.99 (66% off)

New RETEVIS RT6 10W 2.15dBi UHF+VHF 136-174+400-520MHz Radio Antenna SMA-F for BAOFENG KENWOOD TYT WOUXUN

$2.99 $10.99 (72% off)

This antenna features a 2.15/3.0db signal with up to 10Watts of power. It is 5cm in length and weighs 16g

$3.99 $11.99 (66% off)

This antenna features a 2.15dBi with up to 20 Watts of power. It is 39cm in length and weighs 34g

$5.99 $15.99 (62% off)

Original UHF 400-480 MHz Long 14.17in SMA-M Antenna for Retevis RT1 RT8 Two Way Radio

$3.99 $13.99 (71% off)


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