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8 Tips for Beginner Cyclists

For Beginner Cyclists, what do you need? the news mainly talk about the 8 Tips for Beginner Cyclists, these tips you will have a better, safer and more enjoyable time on your bike.  ...

Read more  retevis RT22,  walkie talkie for bike

Why am I not getting the full range

Two way radio frequency is affected by things such as obstructions, terrain, weather, material, etc., which all degrade radio signal.  ...

Read more  two way radio range

What are privacy codes?

Privacy codes don’t keep your conversation private, they simply filter out transmissions from others who aren’t using the same CTCSS or DCS tone.  ...

Read more  Privacy codes,  CTCSS/DCS

Retevis RM21 6W Floating Noise Reduction Marine VHF Radio

Retevis RM21 6W Floating Noise Reduction Marine VHF Radio  ...

Read more  Retevis RM21,  Marine VHF radio

What does PMR446 stand for

The letters PMR stand for Private Mobile Radio and the number 446 relates to the frequency band 446Mhz (UHF), which these radios use to communicate.  ...

Read more  PMR446,  licence free radios

RT97+RB23 experience better range

RT97+RB23 experience better range.  ...

Read more  RT97,  RB23

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