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Category Archives :News

Snowboarding Glossary

The news describes some snowboarding vocabulary, so that you can understand snowboarding more professionally  ...

Read more  Snowboarding Glossary,  Snowboarding

What to Look for in Ski Gloves

The news mainly tells about What to Look for in Ski Gloves  ...

Read more  Ski Gloves,  skiiing,  walkie talkie for skiing

What to Wear Skiing

This news tells about what ski equipment beginners should prepare and what to wear when skiing.  ...

Read more  skiing,  walkie talkie for skiing,  What to Wear Skiing

What should I do if I sell my DSC handheld radio?

The news mainly talk about the what do you do when you sell the DSC radio  ...

Read more  Marine Radio FAQ's,  marine radio,  DSC radio

What is my MMSI code or how do I get it?

The news mainly talk about the What is MMSI code and how to get it  ...

Read more  Marine radio,  MMIS code

8 Tips for Beginner Cyclists

For Beginner Cyclists, what do you need? the news mainly talk about the 8 Tips for Beginner Cyclists, these tips you will have a better, safer and more enjoyable time on your bike.  ...

Read more  retevis RT22,  walkie talkie for bike

Retevis Live Streaming on January 31th, 5pm(GTM+8)

If you want to choose the right walkie-talkie for your spring trip, don't miss the 5retevis live stream on January 31 afternoon!  ...

Read more  Live Streaming

Do stubby antennas work as well as the regular length 2 way radio antennas?

The short antenna provides the same coverage as a normal length antenna.  ...

Read more  antenna,  short antenna,  normal length antenna.

What is the range of UHF radios?

This article is about what is the range of UHF radios in urban conditions?  ...

Read more  UHF radio,  the range of UHF radios

Retevis RB66/RB666 Fast Charging Free-Licence Two Way Radio

When you need to use the walkie-talkie frequently, then it is very important to ensure sufficient power, fast-charging walkie-talkie, you can quickly charge in 1-1.5 hours, so that you always keep in the call state.  ...

Read more  Fast Charging two way radio,  license-free radio

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