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NR30: Give you the clearest communication

NR30/630 GMRS radio adopts two-way AI noise reduction, which is suitable for noisy environments. It features IP67 waterproof, one key group call function, CTCSS/DCS cancellation, channel lock, local/remote alarm and so on  ...

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The Best Handheld ham Radios in 2023

The blog mainly talk about the Best Handheld Radios in 2023  ...

Read more  Handheld Radios,  Best Handheld Radios

2 way radio

This article mainly talks about the difference between walkie talkie and 2 way radio and how to choose 2 way radio.  ...

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Marine handheld radio

This article mainly talks about what is the marine radio, and Types and Communication Range of Marine Radios, and retevis RT55 marine radio.  ...

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Battery eliminator

This article mainly talks about What is a battery eliminator and What are the parts of the battery eliminator?  ...

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What is HF radio?

This article is about what HF radio and VHF/UHF radio wave propagation method what is the difference?  ...

Read more  What is HF radio?,  HF radio

Two Way Radios for Construction

This article mainly discusses walkie talkie for construction and retevis rb48 and retevis rt29  ...

Read more  Two Way Radios for Construction,  walkie talkie for Construction

what is dmr radio?

The blog mainly talk about what is the dmr radio, and best dmr radio HD1  ...

Read more  what is dmr radio,  dmr radio,  HD1

wifi walkie talkie

This article mainly talks about what is the WiFi walkie talkie and retevis rb21 wifi poc net radio.  ...

Read more  wifi walkie talkie,  poc net radio

Mini two way radio

retevis RT22 portable TWO WAY RADIO They are suitable for environments such as schools, retail stores, restaurants and hotels.  ...

Read more  mini radio,  portable radio

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