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The article is about what ham radio is and how to learn ham class and get ham license  ...

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How to choose the best mobile antenna?

When choosing the best mobile antenna you need to consider what frequency to use and where to use it  ...

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How to Build a Radio Repeater?

In this article, we'll learn what a radio repeater is, how it works, and how to make a DIY repeater.  ...

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NOAA's National Weather Service is building a Weather-Ready Nation by providing better information for better decisions to save lives and livelihood.Looking for your local weather forecast? Input your Zip Code or City/State in the "Customize Your" box at  ...

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Fully integrated control hand microphone car station-RETEVIS RA86

This article mainly discusses the latest RETEVIS mobile radio fully integrated control mobile microphone bus station-RETEVIS RA86  ...

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How big of a power supply do i need two way radio?

The blog mainly talk about how do you choose the right power supply for your radio?  ...

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Tactical Throat Microphone

Throat Mic Gain a tactical edge Communicate clearly and gain a tactical edge with the simple, versatile Throat Microphone headset.  ...

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The Best VHF Marine Radios in 2022

VHF marine radios, fixed or handheld, VHF stands for very high frequency and can work in US, Canadian and international waters.  ...

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Truck station satisfactory

The Truck Station is a vehicle building used to automatically move cargo to/from motor vehicles and refuel them. For truck stops, a CB radio is a must.  ...

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Difference Between a Prepper and a Survivalist

Both concepts, Prepper and Survivor, focus on how to survive a natural disaster or any other threat, but what is the difference before  ...

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