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Chirp Programming

Chirp Programming

Chirp Programming

CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats.

To get started:

  1. Download CHIRP for your platform
  2. Check out the "How_To_Get_Help" page, and the rest of the Documentation.

In case you run into a problem with CHIRP:

  1. Before you open a new ticket, please consult the Documentation. On the right side of this web page, you will find some links to the Wiki. It contains good input for many recurring issues.
  2. Also, please perform a search through all open and closed issues. Maybe someone else had the same problem before, and a solution is already available.
  3. If your problem is about how to use CHIRP with an already supported radio, then you should ask that question in the mailing list.
  4. Once you have looked through the Wiki and searched all open/closed issues, you can open a new ticket (did you ask on the mailing list?). There, you may file a bug report, request a new feature, or request the implementation of a new radio. Please be detailed and follow the instructions in "How To Report Issues".
  5. Here are the retevis two-way radios that support Chirp programming
  6. H777 (FRS) (use Retevis H777 Plus)
  7. H777 Plus
  8. RA685
  9. RA85
  10. RB15*
  11. RB17
  12. RB17A
  13. RB17P*
  14. RB17V
  15. RB18
  16. RB19
  17. RB19P
  18. RB23
  19. RB26
  20. RB27
  21. RB27B
  22. RB27V
  23. RB615*
  24. RB617
  25. RB618
  26. RB619
  27. RB627B
  28. RB75
  29. RB85
  30. RT-B6 (use Baofeng UV-B5)
  31. RT1
  32. RT16
  33. RT19
  34. RT21
  35. RT22
  36. RT22FRS
  37. RT22S
  38. RT23*
  39. RT26*
  40. RT29_UHF
  41. RT29_VHF
  42. RT40B
  43. RT47
  44. RT47V
  45. RT5 with 2 power levels (use Baofeng UV-5R)
  46. RT6
  47. RT619
  48. RT622
  49. RT647
  50. RT668
  51. RT68
  52. RT76
  53. RT76P*
  54. RT85
  55. RT87*
  56. RT9000D_136-174
  57. RT9000D_220-260
  58. RT9000D_400-490
  59. RT9000D_66-88
  60. RT95
  61. RT95 VOX
  62. RT98
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