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External speakers for two way radio

External speakers for two way radio

External speakers for two way radio

External speakers usually are used in pc and laptop, and your two way radios, If you can’t hear sound from your two way radios, you can connect the external speakers.

Two Way Radio Speaker Mics

Speaker Mics are very popular with two way radio users. Speaker Mics are designed to allow users to bring two way radio audio closer to the ear while also giving the ability to speak into your walkie talkie without having to take the radio from your belt. retevis two way radio and mobile repeater can connect speaker Mics.

Key Features Of Two Way Radio Speaker Mics Include:

Loud Audio

Water Resistant

Coil Cord with Swivel Belt Clips

1.H103M IP67 Speaker Mic Multi-pin M5 for Ailunce HD1

H103M IP67 Speaker Mic Multi-pin M5 for Ailunce HD1

IP67 waterproof.
High quality louder speaker and  microphone units provide clear audio communication.
Ergonomics design,feel more  comfortable.
Sturdy plastic 360 rotating  clip.
Suitable for: HD1, RT82, RT29, RT87

when you in outdoor, you pocket your two way rdio to your bag, you can connect the Speaker Mic to your radio, You can clip the microphone to your collar or backpack, and remove the radio when you don't need to use the radio to talk.

①HD1 connect H103M IP67 Speaker Mic


② RT29  connect H103M IP67 Speaker Mic


③RT87 connect H103M IP67 Speaker Mic


2.Ailunce SM01 Desktop Microphone GP328Plus connector

Ailunce SM01 Desktop Microphone

Ailunce SM01, Kenwood 2-pin/RJ45 8-pin/GP328 PLUS/Standard 8-pin plugs compatibl, 3.5mm foot switch jack, Smooth and non-slip easy to use desktop microphone.

The package include:

1 X Ailunce SM01 Desktop Microphone

1 X GP328Plus connector

GP328Plus connector can connet RT3S


when you Participate in communication activities

The communication time is long, and the desktop microphone does not need to be held all the time, which reduces the fatigue of the handheld microphone, and only needs to press the PTT key when needed; and the information of the caller needs to be recorded when making a connection, you can turn on the LOCK key at this time, completely release hands.As shown below:

ham radio

ham radio

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