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How to choose an antenna to your mobile radio

How to choose an antenna to your mobile radio

How to choose an antenna to your mobile radio

One of our customers asked does he need an antenna on his RT95 mobile radio. And what kind of antenna do you need? And how to install the antenna on your vehicle and connect it to your mobile radio? Please follow the steps below. And we accept all the advice and questions, you can leave in the comment.

About antenna

We've talked about the antenna types before. We always choose the SL-16 antenna on mobile radio. And we always called the SMA antenna on handheld radios So, you can choose an SL-16 antenna with an extension cable to connect your radio and antenna. Here is a picture to show the antenna connector on your radio and antenna base. mobile antenna This is our MA007 SL16 antenna, the length is 0.78merter, and you can install it on the side of your car. And connect with the extension cable to your radio. This is a 5-meter extension cable for a mobile radio antenna. And this is our RA25 mobile radio, you can install it in the car, like this, mobile radio installation You can fix the mobile radio like this. Then, you can charge the radio on your car and connect it to your antenna. Connect the extension cable to your radio along the edge, taking care to hide and secure your cable. Then you can try to transmit and receive the call on your radio. Please note: If you haven't connected to the antenna, please do not transmit to injure your radio.

Frequency range

Please make sure the frequency range of your mobile radio, UHF or VHF, or Dual-band before choosing an antenna. The frequency range of your antenna can cover the frequency range of your radio. Forexple, you have a VHF radio, you can choose a VHF mobile antenna or a dual-band antenna, if the antenna can only work in the UHF band, you cannot use it on your VHF radio.

Which DMR radio work in the VHF band?

So, if you have any questions about the radio and antenna, please contact us via Email, Facebook, Instagram, and comment.  

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