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NEW RETEVIS radio in 2022

NEW RETEVIS radio in 2022

NEW RETEVIS radio in 2022

More than half of 2022 has passed. What new radios do you know about Retevis? What have you been interested in or commented on? Or do you have any other ideas for Retevis’s products?

The new Retevis radios list:

RB87 GMRS radio

It is a very simple GMRS radio, and it is also the cheapest GMRS radio. If you want to use it in your family or organization, it is a low-cost radio. And the voice is very clear, one of our customers has done a call test on a cruise ship, and she said the voice is clear and loud, even the distance is longer than 1 mile.

RM20 VHF Marine radio

It is a mounted VHF marine radio. You can fix it on your fishing ship or cruise ship. RM20 has a very loud speaker, if you stand at a 1-meter distance, the voice is up to 100dB. And you can also connect to a remote speaker for a louder voice. It is a sturdy IPX7 waterproof radio, so you can install it on your boat without a roof or cover. Lewis is a radio operator, he had tested this radio.

RB46/RB646 license-free radio 

RB46 is a waterproof and license-free machine with ip67 waterproof and dustproof grade. It can be immersed in water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. It can be dustproof and waterproof when used on construction sites, improving the usage rate of the walkie-talkie. Wireless copying is the biggest highlight. When used outdoors, it is more convenient and quick to copy the frequency, channel and privacy code information of another walkie-talkie without computer programming. Local alarm + remote alarm, when in danger, you can call your partner for help in time. At the same time, it also has a privacy code, VOX function, and squelch function, which is very suitable for commercial use.

More new retevis radio

RB48 watereproof walkie talkie for Heavy industry, the radio is the best choice for walkie talkie for construction site.

 RB87,  rb46,  RM20

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