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portable ham radio antenna

portable ham radio antenna

portable ham radio antenna

1, Dual Band SMA-F Long Antenna for Ailunce HD1

Dual Band SMA-F Long Antenna for Ailunce HD1

Here’s another affordably priced antenna that offers a lot in terms of functionality and performance. It’s a dual band antenna for handheld HAM radios.

It offers a great performance on both UHF and VHF. The max power is 20 watts which is more than enough for handhelds. 

It’s also very efficient for transmitting, and users report how it turned out to be much better for their HAM radios than stock antennas.


  • Affordably priced but offers solid UHF and VHF performance
  • Surprisingly efficient for transmitting
  • Good build quality
  • 20 watts of power


  • Very disappointing on the VHF band

 2, SMA-F Short Antenna For Retevis RT-5R/RT-B6/RT-5RV/RT5


Features :

  • Dual band antenna with frequency 144/430MHz of 136-174+400-480MHz;connector sma female
  • Nice size keeps you from getting caught up with the longer whip; length 5cm (1.96inch)
  • Max power 10W boost the signal for great transmissions and reception
  • SMA-F antenna compatible with Retevis RT-5R RT6 RT7 RT29 BAOFENG BF-F8HP UV5R UV-82 Kenwood TK-250 and more

3, Original Antenna for RT3S Two Way Radio

J9110F-Original Antenna for RT3S Two Way Radio


  1. Supported frequencies: 136-174MHz&400-480MHz
  2. Connector: SMA-M(Male)
  3. Features: can be bent
  4. The length: 166mm.
  5. Weight: 21.5g

Note: It can be used for two way radio with SMA-F connector and within the frequency range supported by the antenna.

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